2023 Thrill Rides Guide to Six Flags Magic Mountain

Hall of Justice Six Flags Magic Mountain All Rides

Look no further than Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides and roller coasters for your next great adventure, with heart-pounding thrills and exhilarating adventures. In this guide, we’ll take you on a tour of the unforgettable experiences that await you at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Riddle me this?

Riddle me that? 

I really want to avoid Six Flags as much as possible, Magic Mountain has so many “world” awards it’s hard not to consider it the world’s thrill capital, but there is something to say about the time, money, and effort Six Flags corporation puts into the thrill rides and not the amenities of the park or customer service. 

For thrill rides in Southern California, Six Flags Magic Mountain has the best roller coasters, hands down, and if we are looking for a nonstop thrilling day, this is really the only option. 

All rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain are geared towards thrill seekers and not the overall theme park experience. So when you visit, please do not expect the Disney experience and compare it to that. 

They have issues, but they are fun.

Let’s get into all the rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain The Thrill Capital of the World. 

The Greatest Coasters Ever Built Six Flags Magic Mountain All Rides

The Thrill Capital of the World

Many of the more intense thrill rides have some kind of award placement, and we were excited to give them a test. From fastest, tallest, longest, and largest, this is the best park for extreme roller coasters in the West.

We will make a note at the end of the ride description for any awards they have received.

Six Flags Magic Mountain All Rides List

We will be discussing mostly thrill rides today but will mention water rides and other kiddie coasters and rides, as well as our thoughts on those. 

Let’s break down the unique experience of roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain in NO specific order.

More on best ride order later.

Full throttle 

Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring 160-foot loop and a breathtaking inversion at its peak. Full Throttle is the tallest and fastest looping coaster globally and is an undeniable highlight among the Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides list. My favorite part about this loop is that you get to experience it in two ways. 

This ride launches you from 0 to 70 mph in mere seconds. 

The launch roller coaster has two launch spots, but one of them will completely surprise you as it sends you backward rather than launching forward. 

It’s not bad but prepare for the stop to relaunch.

You’re in for a heart-pounding experience, and where you sit matters. 

Row 3 was really great on this one, pretty much the entire first car. If you like the hanging-in-your-seat feeling, sit towards the back for a better experience.

Area: Six Flags Plaza

Height Requirement: 54″

Award: World’s Tallest Triple Launch Looping Coaster

Tatsu Six Flags Magic Mountain All Rides


For a slightly calmer yet equally thrilling adventure, Tatsu is the answer. This flying coaster suspends you face-down, creating a sensation of flying like a superhero. It does have two sets of bars and braces around your legs, and this one has you load in sitting, and then you lay on your stomach. 

Why they didn’t call this Superman, I will never understand.

While soaring through the sky, you’ll savor panoramic views of the park and its surroundings. Among all rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Tatsu offers a unique perspective, with lots of twists and turns, and makes you feel like you are upside down and backward at the same time. 

Area: Rapids Camp Crossing

Height Requirement: 54″

Award: World’s Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Flying Coaster


X2 is anything but ordinary. As a 4D coaster, it offers a ride experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Seats rotate independently, delivering a disorienting sensation of flipping head over heels as you traverse thrilling drops and inversions. When you think of Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides, X2 certainly pushes the boundaries.

If you sit in the front, you get a great view of the park but have no idea what is going to happen right off the bat, giving you a really unique roller coaster perspective. 

In the last turn, the coaster rotates through a spot, and you become a rag doll between two boulders, aka shoulder restraints. 

It is known to give you a headache, so keep that in mind if you are a sensitive rider.

Area: Baja Ridge

Height Requirement: 48″

Award: World’s First 5th Dimension Coaster


As one of the oldest in the park and a basic looping coaster, is a skip for us.

A common complaint about this ride is that it gives you a headache and can cause blackouts.

This was the first ride we went on, and if it wasn’t for having to ride all the coasters to understand them, I would skip it. 

Both my husband and I had a slight black-out portion after the pretzel loop. This is something I experience often but not something he often experiences. 

The ride didn’t seem super intense, but I found it to be very shaky, with a lot of head-banging. I was unable to keep my head back on the rest because of how much it bounced. It could use padding or a full redo or something to make it more comfortable. Until then, I will be skipping this ride from now on. 

Area: Baja Ridge

Height Requirement: 54″

Award: World’s Largest Looping Steel Coaster with Seven Inversions

The New Revolution – Classic

This is the most confusing name outside of any of the Universal Studios TM ride names.

The new revolution is not new. In 2016 for a very short time, the New Revolution added VR goggles to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world’s first steel vertical looping coaster. 

With the addition of VR goggles, this was the first VR roller coaster. As it grew in popularity, causing 2-3 hours long lines, the VR goggles would overheat and cause the line to move slower.

In 2018 the goggles were removed, and the ride now operates as it did for the classic version. 

Hence the addition of the word classic to the end of its name. The New Revolution – Classic

While the ride was remodeled for its 40th anniversary, it is a very smooth and comfortable ride with a lap harness with no shoulder harness. 

This is your basic looping coaster with lots of twists and turns, but completely worth it and a LOT of fun!

Fun Fact: This ride has had many names ranging from Revolution, Great American Revolution, La Revolucion, and The New Revolution. 

Area: The New Revolution Plaza

Height Requirement: 48″

Award: North America’s First Looping Coaster

Riddlers Revenge Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides

Riddler’s Revenge 

Not fantastic and a very weird way of riding. 

The head rattle was terrible, and I had to brace my head with my hand to stop from banging my head on the side of the restraints.

This is a stand-up coaster, and when you board the ride vehicle, you will have a seat between your legs to support a flat footed stand with a restraint over your shoulders.

I love that this park has one of each harness style. It feels like you get a lot of variety in harnesses and “seated” positions, making all rides unique at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Area: Metropolis

Height Requirement: 54″

Award: World’s Tallest, Fastest Stand-up Roller Coaster

Wonder Women Flight of Courage Entrance Six Flags Magic Mountain All Rides
Single Rail Coaster Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides

Wonder Woman Flight of Courage. Newest Coaster

As the newest ride in the park, this Single rail coaster is absolutely, hands down, unique and fun.

Loading onto this ride is really unusual because the ride vehicle does not stop. Most dark rides have a moving load station, but this is the first time I’ve done this on a roller coaster.

It is the most efficient load and unload I’ve ever experienced for a coaster.

The shoulder collar is a little uncomfortable, but to be honest, it makes you feel a little better with the upside-down whips and fast turns from side to side. 

The tallest and longest single rail is really unique and one of a kind.

We rode in the back cars, and it was an amazing ride. You do have to request the back and might have to wait a few minutes to get them, but they are really worth it. 

This was probably one of the best rides of the day, and I would suggest making your way to this ride first when you start your day. 

Taking the spot for the 20th coaster in the park. Wonder Woman took over the space where Green Lantern and Tidal Wave were and was constructed by the world-class roller coasters construction company Rocky Mountain Construction which created Twisted Colossus and Riddler in Discovery Kingdom. Both are amazing rides as well! 

Area: DC Universe

Height Requirement: 48″

Award: World’s Tallest, Longest Single-Rail Coaster

BATMAN the ride

This Batman ride is like most of the other Batman rides at Six Flags. The only Batman ride that is slightly different is the one in Discovery Kingdom. Similar to most roller coasters, this is a basic inverted coaster that does pack a small punch. 

There was nothing really special about this ride, but that’s what makes this a good coaster for the entire family.

The front entrance has the Batman Car out front that you can take a picture next to, I wish it had the Dark Knight Bat-Pod car instead, but the classic Batman Car is always a staple. 

Area: DC Universe

Height Requirement: 54″

Award: One-of-a-kind Heartline Spin 

Twisted Colossus Six Flags Magic Mountain All Rides

Twisted Colossus

Among the roster of Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides, Twisted Colossus stands out as a true gem. 

Brace yourself for a 128-foot drop, exhilarating inversions, and plenty of moments of weightlessness. 

If Twisted Colossus is running both trains, you won’t want to miss the “High Five” element, where two trains come remarkably close to each other. It’s a signature feature of Twisted Colossus. 

It does look like the coaster will duel another, but because of the small window to load and run the second train, they do not run together often. 

The wood-to-metal world is really my favorite. This hybrid roller coaster expertly blends classic wooden coaster elements with modern steel track technology and is the longest hybrid coaster in the world. 

Twisted Colossus was crafted by Rocky Mountain Construction, who also designed Riddler at Discovery Kingdom and Wonder Woman, as we mentioned earlier. Both are completely fun and totally worth it, both ranking high on my list for sure. 

The back is the best on this ride. Brace yourself on the first down. There is a major whiplash at the top when you are in the back.

My favorite part of this ride is that you go through the blue track and then immediately go on the green track, making it double the fun. 

Area: Screampunk District

Height Requirement: 48″

Award: World’s Longest Hybrid Coaster


Scream, a floorless coaster, takes you on a wild ride through seven inversions. With your feet dangling freely, you’ll savor a sense of total freedom as you loop and twist at speeds of up to 63 mph. 

It’s a ride designed to make your heart race—a standout among all rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain. 

The ride’s name sums up the sound of the people on each of the loops. There are SOO many loops on this coaster that it has a very Medusa feel if you’ve been to Discovery Kingdom, but think bigger and better.

Area: Screampunk District

Height Requirement: 54″

Award: Southern California First Floorless Roller Coaster

Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom 

It’s a great view from the top. It’s a drop-style “coaster,” I am all for a Tower of Terror and Guardians, but these are just next level and something else for a special kind of person.

Lex Luther did take the top spot for the World’s Tallest vertical drop tower ride after it was complete. 

It is 415 ft tall and reaches a top speed of 85 mph. It feels a little like you are shaking at the top of the tower, but 90 seconds will not feel quick by any means.

Lex Luthor shares the tower with Superman: Escape from Krypton, and you might catch them going together, adding extra thrills to your ride.

Area: DC Universe

Height Requirement: 48″

Award: World’s Tallest Vertical Drop Ride

Superman: Escape from Krypton

Superman: Escape from Krypton catapults you from 0 to 100 mph in a straight shot launch in just seven seconds. While by today’s standards, seven seconds means absolutely nothing, it can still be thrilling for those who are not roller coaster people or don’t like to go fast in their car. 

It is in the moderate thrills section, but it is the fastest coaster at 100 miles an hour, 

You’ll shoot straight up a towering tower and then experience a thrilling free-fall descent. This is the ride that lets you briefly step into the shoes of Superman himself—a superlative experience among Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides.

This ride is in the DC area, but not how you think. It is a little bit more of a hike to get to the entrance because it is actually in the Samurai Summit area but shares the tower with Lex Luthor in DC Universe. 

This makes it really confusing. 

I always love looking back on my phone notes after a ride. This is what the note was for Superman: skip it, it’s loud and takes too long to get up. Closed anyways…

HAHA. You’re welcome. 

Area: Samurai Summit

Height Requirement: 48″

Award: World’s First Coaster to Reach Speeds up to 100 MPH

West Coast Racers Entrance Six Flags
West Coast Racers

West Coast Racers

It is the actual dueling coaster, and you go side by side with another coaster matching twists and turns. It’s very cool and an incredible ride. 

The West Coast theme is a little cheezy with Ryan Friedlinghaus and the West Coast Customs brand, but as a car person who likes to go fast, I see the appeal for the franchise. 

The comfort collars can be a little uncomfortable on this, but the roller coaster itself is VERY smooth and fast. 

Area: The Underground

Height Requirement: 54″

Award: World’s First Dual-Track, Launch Coaster

Gold Rusher

First introduced in 1971, this is the oldest coaster in the park. Unlike new roller coasters and the heart-pounding loop-de-loops, Gold Rusher embraces the essence of a classic coaster experience. 

If this is your first visit to the park, this is a must ride. 

It could use some padding and help for a smoother ride. 

Area: The Underground

Height Requirement: 48″

Award: No world record


Goliath is synonymous with speed and airtime. With its massive 255-foot drop and top speeds of up to 85 mph, this coaster will leave you breathless. 

The sensation of weightlessness as you conquer each hill is an experience to remember. For the ultimate thrill, opt for the back row on Goliath—it’s an essential adventure among Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides.

This hyper-coaster focuses on speed. The first drop is the 9th largest drop and can be intense. The helix at the end will give you a good stomach turn, drink lots of water and a small basic snack before you ride. 

Area: Goliath Plaza

Height Requirement: 54″

Award: World’s Top 10 Tallest Drops 

Rides in The Underground Six Flags Magic Mountain


Currently Closed

It’s just fun to be suspended and swing on a roller coaster. There are very few of this kind around the United States, making it a unique coaster.

Area: Samurai Summit

Height Requirement: 42″

Award: No Awards


If you have an affection for wooden coasters, Apocalypse: The Ride is your go-to attraction. 

As a coaster enthusiast myself, I can understand the appeal of the nostalgic and slightly bumpy ride that this classic wooden coaster provides. 

It’s a journey through a post-apocalyptic-themed landscape, offering a distinctive experience among Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides.

Area: The Underground

Height Requirement: 48″

Award: No Awards

Hall of Justice Ride

Justice League Battle for Metropolis – Hall of Justice

4D, Dark Ride, Tons of fun! 

One of the first rides to have riders feel like they are going through a loop. 

Compete with friends and family as you ride through the City of Metropolis and shoot villains. 

This has a great photo opportunity out front of the Hall of Justice building. 

Area: Metropolis

Height Requirement: 42″ with adult 48″ alone

Award: No Awards

Pink Plush Unicorn at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Overall Thoughts on All Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain 

Now that we have covered each ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, I want to touch on one thing about all-day thrill rides and the best ride order.

​This trip was specifically planned to celebrate a birthday and ride as many coasters as we could. 

We accomplished just that with a flash pass at the park. This can be a good and bad thing. We were on a crunched time with the park’s operating hours for that day. You could accomplish everything in two days without a flash pass or one day with a flash pass.

Accomplishing Everything

Arriving just after the park opened, we had eight hours to ride everything we wanted to before the park closed. While that seems like a lot of time, if you have a queue line posted at an hour, you will NOT be able to ride everything that day without some kind of fast pass. There are 16 roller coasters we suggest riding, and more if you want to ride them all. Even if the average queue line was 20 minutes, with walking, load times, and breaks, this park is too vast to manage in one day. 

The downfall to the pass is that you have too much fun and ride too many roller coasters back to back. This can be a lot on the body and mind, especially on a hot day. 

Don’t forget to take lots of breaks, snack, and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. 

We took a few breaks for water rides in between coasters to cool off. 

Riders at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Best Ride Order at Six Flags Magic Mountain All Coaster Rides

I want to make one important note about this ride order. They are not all grouped together for rides in the same location, and this goes against every rule, even in my own guide to parks. You will walk back and forth all over the place if you follow this ride order. 


We went with best to worst, and I might suggest stopping at Scream for the day and skipping the last few we have on our list. That way, you can ride the best rides in order at Six Flags Magic Mountain and not waste time on those that are not worth it. 

With that being said. A lot of the best roller coasters are at the back of the park. So we suggest making your way to Wonder Woman first, no matter what, and starting in the DC area.

Then visit the Screampunk District, and back to The Underground and make your way around the park that way. You will get the best rides out of the way first and beat the massive crowds that come with popular rides.

Best Ride Order at Six Flags Magic Mountain List

  1. Wonder Women
  2. Twisted Colossus
  3. West Coast Racers
  4. Full Throttle
  5. The New Revolution Classic
  6. Goliath
  7. Tatsu
  8. X2
  9. Apocalypse
  10. Gold Rusher
  11. Scream
  12. BATMAN
  13. The Riddler 
  14. Lex Luthor – Not a coaster
  15. CraZanity – Not a coaster
  16. Ninja
  18. Viper
Wonder Women Six Flags Magic Mountain all rides

Other Fun Rides

There are a few family rides throughout the park if anyone in your party is not for some of the best coasters in California. We will talk about the two water rides and the kid’s area in the next section. 

Overall we loved the rapids ride the most, and on a hot day, it was a perfect addition and kept us nice and cool throughout the day.

We did not bring our daughter on this trip since it was mostly focused on thrill rides. Personally, we didn’t think we would bring our daughter back to experience this park. We think there are better theme parks for toddlers and younger kids. If it works out, bring them along, but we really believe Six Flags is more of a young adult and adult’s park and isn’t really kid-friendly. 

Kids Area at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Bugs Bunny World is the main kiddie area in the park. It features 12 kids rides and attractions in this area. 

Bugs Bunny World is all about family fun and the Looney Tunes. Here, you’ll find a variety of gentle rides and attractions tailored to the younger children of your group. From the Daffy’s Adventure Tours dark ride to Yosemite Sam’s Flight School, these rides offer just the right amount of excitement for kids without the thrills of the park’s larger coasters.

Jet Streamer Six Flags Magic Mountain

​Water Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain 

Water rides, on the other hand… SIGN ME UP!

We know water rides can be a polarizing topic, so we get it. I am all for them. My husband, on the other hand… It has to be a hot day and the right clothing for said adventure, or he’s not going. 

We both loved the rapids and rode it more than once. Jet Stream, on the other hand, was quite an underwhelming adventure but great for younger kids or die-hard flume people who have to check the box. *wave

Roaring Rapids: A Wild Water Adventure

Picture this: You and your friends or family aboard a circular raft, hurtling down a turbulent river, dodging white-water rapids and cascading waterfalls. This is the essence of Roaring Rapids, the exhilarating water ride that promises drenching fun.

As you navigate the twisting and turning course, you’ll experience unexpected twists and drops that will leave you giggling with delight. Expect to get wet — in fact, you’ll likely get soaked! It’s the perfect ride to cool off on a hot California day and create lasting memories with your fellow adventurers.

There is nowhere to keep your stuff dry on this Rapids Ride, so we suggest waterproof bags or renting a locker to put your thing in. 

The lockers are not far from the entrance to the ride. 

Jet Stream: Soar Through the Skies, or Water

Jet Stream offers a unique combination of elements that set it apart from the typical water ride. This log flume-style attraction features thrilling drops and fast-paced twists, all while surrounded by lush greenery and scenic views.

What makes Jet Stream truly special is its dual identity. Depending on your luck, you might stay mostly dry or leave the ride completely soaked. The choice is yours – you can control the angle of your boat’s descent into the final plunge. So, whether you’re looking for a mild refreshment or a watery thrill, Jet Stream delivers.

The Underground at Six Flags Magic Mountain

When to go and How to make the most of your Six Flags Magic Mountain Day

We mentioned earlier the size of this park and the magnitude of rides it has. While this makes accomplishing the day more difficult, the day is just significantly more enjoyable using some form of flash pass.

How does Flash Pass Work, and is it worth it?

All theme parks seem to have some sort of fast pass style add-on in today’s world. These passes give you the ability to bypass the general queue line and wait virtually instead. Each one has a specific benefit, and we will discuss those shortly. 

Six Flags Magic Mountain has a pass called Flash Pass and an individual ride option called One-shots.

The Flash pass comes in three different versions, not including the one-shot option.

What is Six Flags One Shot

The one shot is an add-on that you can purchase in addition to your admission ticket to jump the line for one ride, one time. 

With the one shot, you select the ride you want to purchase a virtual queue spot for and then select the next available time to ride.

During our visit to Discovery Kingdom, we utilized the one-shot option and not the flash pass. Our intention was to ride Riddler again, but the queue was estimated to be an hour-long wait, and we wanted to head back home. 

Therefore, we opted to purchase the one-shot for $10 and waited for around 10 minutes under the shade outside the line. Once we got our one-shot ticket scanned, we were able to get on the ride within 10 mins. Cutting the general queue time by 80%. 

What is Flash Pass at Magic Mountain

Flash pass, on the other hand, is an all-day pass that is essentially a virtual queue system. It allows you to reserve access to some of the park’s most popular rides, all while minimizing your time spent waiting in the actual queue line.  

That way, you can spend less time in line and more time riding. 

Unlimited rides

One of the biggest benefits is that you get unlimited rides on all rides. You can only have one pass out at a time, but as soon as you scan the pass and join the flash pass line, you can immediately book your next ride. 

If it is a slower park day, this works out really well. Each ride will have a posted wait time on the flash pass interface, and the countdown begins once you select that ride. 

By the time you wait a few moments in the flash lane before boarding the ride, the ride time and walk time to the next ride your wait time will typically be up. 

Pretty much allows you to get off a ride and onto the next ride almost immediately. If you are looking to take full advantage of all the rides in the park, you will need a pass to do it.

There are three different tiers when it comes to the Flash Pass, each giving better benefits than the others. We went with the gold flash pass on our last visit, and it worked perfectly for the crowd levels of the day. Each day can bring different crowds, but the gold pass is probably the best to go with to start with, and if you rind yourself running into issues, you can upgrade your pass at any time. 

Flash Pass Options

General – Wait Virtually

Gold – Cut 50% of wait time

Platinum – Cut 90% of the wait time

Want more top tips on how the flash pass works and what tier to pick? Read Six Flags Magic Mountain Flash Pass.

Greetings From Six Flags Magic Mountain

When is the best time to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain?

We went right after school started and a few weeks before Fright Fest, and crowd levels were pretty low. 

The pass was still a necessity to experience as much as you could in an entire day.

In general, you should avoid peak times like spring break and school summer breaks to avoid massive crowds. After school goes back at the end of Summer is a great time to take advantage of lower crowds. 

Overall, September seems to be the best month for theme park crowd levels, so consider a trip around that time or other off-season months. 

Other Theme Parks Near Los Angeles

If you are anything like us and enjoy theme parks, California, especially Southern California, has a lot to offer for theme park fun. 

We’ve visited every Los Angeles Theme Park this year, and each one brings its own unique experience, and we love them all. 

Knott's Berry Farm Windmill copy

Theme Park Near Los Angeles 

Knott’s Berry Farm


Disney’s California Adventure

Universal Studios Hollywood

Flash - Flash Pass Six Flags

Other Six Flags Park in California

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

There is only one other Six Flags theme park in California, and that is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Once known as Marine World, this theme park in Northern California has some really great thrill rides as well. 
Everything is on a smaller scale, while this park is only 135 acres compared to the 262 acres Magic Mountain covers.  

It’s best to arrive at the amusement park around noon since none of the rides were really open when the park first opened. This is because they need to undergo testing before opening to ensure safety. I will never understand why they don’t test the rides before opening to have everything ready. 

For those who are like us with high hopes and optimism, we suggest still showing up at park openings and jumping on rides that seem to be running with people on them. 

Six Flags Water Park

If you are in the area for a few days and want to add something else to your trip, consider adding Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. 

Hurricane Harbor boasts a dazzling array of water rides that cater to every level of excitement. From the heart-pounding drops of the Tornado to the family-friendly rafting adventure of the Bonzai Pipelines, there’s something for everyone. 

The fearless can brave the massive wave pool, while the little ones can splash around in kid-friendly play areas and a wonderful lazy river.

Perfect for a hot day in California. 

Other Six Flags Theme Parks in the United States

There are 24 Six Flags Properties across the United States. Texas, California, Georgia, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Missouri, Maryland, and Arizona all have Six Flags parks. 

Two of their most popular parks besides Magic Mountain are Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Great America.

We hope you enjoy your Six Flags adventure and would love to hear what your favorite ride was!

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