Sand Harbor Reservation

Simplify your Visit Sand Harbor New Reservation System

The New Reservation System at Sand Harbor: What You Need to Know by July 1st.  Secure Your Spot and Enjoy Sand Harbor  Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe is a beloved summer destination, drawing over 1.2 million visitors each year to the crystal-clear water. However, the popularity of this stunning spot has led to significant overcrowding […]

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Hiking trails and national parks Burney Falls 2024 summer bucket list

Ultimate Summer Bucket List 2024 Ideas & Printable

Summer is here or literally days away, depending on when you read this, and 2024 is the year of experiences and creating the best summer bucket list. While our first suggestion will always be travel because that’s our favorite thing, not everyone can leave for the entire summer, so here’s to creating a realistic summer […]

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Spooky hand ice cube 3 Ingredient Halloween Punch Alcohol

Delicious 3 Ingredient Halloween Punch Alcohol

We are on a mission to find the best 3 ingredient Halloween punch with alcohol. Simple, yummy, and spooky season approved.  Halloween is the perfect time to concoct some eerie elixirs. If you’re looking for a simple yet spooky drink to serve at your Halloween soiree, you’re in for a treat. Our 3 ingredient Halloween […]

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Mini White Pumpkins Fall family bucket list

Fall Family Fun: The Ultimate Bucket List

Fall Family Fun: The Ultimate Fall Family Bucket List for an Unforgettable Season Fall is here!  Well, the IDEA of fall is here, and all the stores have started to transition to the best decor. Join me as we create the ultimate fall family bucket list for the perfect time of year. As the air […]

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Oogie Boogie Blow up

Oogie Boogie Quotes

Mr. Oogie Boogie Well, well, well, what have we here So you’re the one everyone is talking about You’re joking You’re joking I can’t believe my eyes You’re joking me You gotta be  This can’t be the right guy. I might just split a seam now if I don’t die laughing first  This stogy boogie […]

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best 10 inch budget tablet

Best 10 inch Budget Tablet 2023

The 10 inch budget tablet has changed the way we consume content and stay connected. What used to be out of reach for many has now become significantly easier without giving up on functionality. While not all tablets are created equal, there are a few 10 inch budget tablets that will completely surprise you.  For […]

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Hanging Witch Hats DIY

The Hanging Witch Hats DIY is super easy and relatively cheap to accomplish. We ordered the witch hats from Amazon and they came in a 12 pack. We’ve had them for three Halloweens now and only lost two along the way. They can easily stack and take up little storage once Halloween is over. The […]

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8 tips to build & increase credit fast

8 Ways to Build and Improve Credit

Credit 101     Fixing bad habits When I was growing up, there wasn’t a lot of financial teaching opportunities. Credit, building it, and saving money was never really the main topics of dinner discussions. My understanding was to get a job and don’t spend outside of your paycheck. Got it! Sounds simple enough. Until […]

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