2023 Fun Things to Do in Austin with Toddlers and Kids 

girl doing one of the Things to do in Austin with toddlers hanging out at the museum of illusions

Pack your bags. We are going to Austin. That is one of my favorite sentences. Pack your bags… Yes, please. 

That’s all I needed to hear, and I was ready to plan our next adventure. We were ready to escape the snow and head somewhere where it was sunny and warm. 

The first thing we do is pick a hotel we love, usually a Hilton, or we will find a vacation rental right in town or outside town. Hotels Downtown are typically our go-to for ease of walking, being close to lots of things, and being near public transportation. 

Once we selected our hotel, it was time to start the hunt for things to do in Austin with toddlers. I find this is almost as important as picking a hotel, if not more so. 

One of our favorite things to do is just explore Downtown and the city we visit. 

Finding things to do can be a little tough. Everything can be labeled as things to do with toddlers, I’m not kidding, I saw walking past a building with no significance as a “thing to do in Austin with toddlers,” and I lost all hope for people.

Clearly, they have no children and have NO idea what toddlers actually like to do.

While you can take your toddler with you to most places, you might experience that they do not have any fun at all and don’t want to be there.

Tips for flying with a toddler

Best apps for toddlers

Austin TX

Known for its live music, parks, water, and delicious Texas food, the Capital of Texas is full of life and perfect for the entire family. We hit some of the top attractions and created a list of things to do in Austin with toddlers. We spent about a week in Austin and barely made a dent in the list of things to do in Austin. You will get our honest review and whether or not it really is a good activity for young children. We paid for most of the things we did, but there are multiple free things to do and low-cost activities while you are in Austin.

We will break things to do in Austin with toddlers down into area specific and then into the types of things you can do. 

Let’s dive into the top things to do in Austin with Toddlers and kids.

Fun Family Activities and Things to Do in Austin

Downtown Austin

The Domain

North Austin

South Austin

Train Ride

Top Things to Do in Austin with Toddlers


Museums and Texas History

Murals in Austin

Parks, Gardens, and Lakes

Live Music in Austin

​Water Parks and Splash Pads

Food in Austin

Coffee Shops

Deserts and Sweets

Nearby Things to Do in Austin with Toddlers

Fun Family Activities and Things to Do in Austin

Spring break will always bring larger crowds, but Austin has such great weather year-round that peak times are March to May and then September to October. The summer months are typically hot and do not draw as much of a crowd as peak times in spring and fall would. We’ve broken down Austin

Stroller is a must for exploring the city. There are a few places that don’t allow strollers through the exhibit and other places, but most places are stroller friendly. The streets are also very stroller friendly, I will mention there were only a few spots the hills were a little difficult to push the stroller and her up the hill, and I counted it as a workout.

Downtown Austin

When I started creating our Austin Itinerary with things to do in Austin with Toddlers, we always begin with Downtown. As a mother, Downtown in any city can be a gamble. Between druggies and weirdos, you never know what you are going to get. We felt really safe and had no issues walking around Downtown Austin. I will say there are homeless and your occasional LSD drug worshiper, but overall it’s a good area with lots of restaurants, coffee shops, toy stores, dessert spots, and other great places. Always keep an eye out and stay safe.

But more on the fun of Downtown Austin, here are some of the great things we did. 


Voodoo Donuts. This was actually our first time trying a Voodoo donut. If you see one, you must go. They are quite entertaining and have lots of funny donut names. While I do not think they are worth the hype if the wait is over 20 min, they are soft, delicious donuts.

Amy’s Ice Cream


There are amazing coffee shops all over Downtown Austin, we go through all our favorite spots a little later in the post, but my favorite was Presidential Coffee in The Omni Hotel.

Delicious Food

Atlas Patio with mimosa

Snacks and drinks on the Water

I work on the go and am always on the hunt for cute spots to work while we are traveling. Atlas was that spot for me. I grabbed a mimosa and sat at one of the cute picnic benches on the patio that overlooked Lady Bird Lake. Atlas had tons of baked goods, coffee, and cocktails.

viewing areas for bats things to do in austin with toddlers
Bridge in Austin
bats flying things to do in austin with toddlers

View the bats at Congress Avenue Bridge

The world-famous bats are the perfect after-dinner detour. Right off South Congress Avenue, you will find the world-known bats of Austin. These Mexican free-tailed bats are the largest urban colony in North America, with roughly 1,500,000 bats. The most ideal spot to watch the bats is from the south end of the bridge, and they usually come out right about dusk, so make sure you check the sunset times.

lady outside Texas state capitol building in austin
Sitting in the grass at Texas State Capitol

Visit the Texas State Capitol

While a great history spot and somewhere to go, we did not find this to be very kid friendly or a place where our toddler could have fun. I knew this going in, but to give it a shot and explore anyways.

The front of the building and the roof are currently going through a small remodel, so it is covered in scaffolding. Because of the work being done on the building, it is not wheelchair or stroller friendly at the moment. There are elevators inside the building so you can get to the over levels, but for 

Saltwaters Coffee

Grab Coffee or tea at Saltwaters Coffee

Saltwaters Coffee is right on the corner, and enjoy the grass and sculptures outside the Texas Capitol building.

Saltwater Coffee has delicious tea and coffee. I grabbed a Black Iced Tea to go. The Capital Grass has a lot of squirrels. 


Dog going after Squirrel

That is all I can think of, but the Texas Capitol lawn has tons of fat and friendly squirrels. No, you cannot touch them, but they allow you to get within 5 ft or so before they run off. Our daughter had a blast running around chasing them in the grass. We picked a bench, parked our stroller, and Sloan ran around for a good 45 min in the grass.

Walk along Lady Bird Lake

There are lots of walkways and trails all over Austin. We walked everywhere on the first two days while in Austin and ended up walking along the hiking trail. This trail goes along the Lake on both sides and uses two pedestrian bridges to move you across the Lake. Austin locals often take their paddle boards, and kayaks out on the lake.

The Domain

A quick train ride from Downtown to Kramer Station, you will find The Domain. This beautiful area is one of Austin’s hottest spots to live, work, and play. After our visit, I told my husband we should consider staying there during our next Austin trip and using the train to get to Downtown. We travel for work a lot, and Austin is one of our main stops at least twice a year. This was our first time at the Domain, and it was like nothing I’d experienced before. Denver has something similar but on a much smaller scale and has not done as well in my opinion. There are over 100 mainstream shops and restaurants. Think outdoor luxury mall, delicious food, park-like atmosphere with apartment-like living. 

Photos do not do this area justice. 

I had no idea what I was getting into, but there were two really great museums on our list of things to do in Austin with toddlers, so off we went. We spent around 6 hours at The Domain, and this is what we did. 

crisps and coffee the domain

Relax with Coffee and Orange Juice From Coffee + Crisp Cafe

This was the perfect way to start the morning. We arrived by train a little early to The Domain and needed to spend a little bit of time before our reservation at the Museum of Illusion.

museum of illusions austin
things to do in austin with toddlers museum of illusions
museum of illusions things to do in austin with toddlers
chair illusions things to do in austin with toddlers
illusion I love you so much

Enjoyed Art and Illusions at the Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusion was fun for both toddlers and adults. An educational, captivating, and mind-bending journey through the realms of optical illusions, holograms, and sensory tricks. Fun and challenging for adults and for toddlers, fun and interesting things to do. It’s fun for the entire family.

park area the domain things to do in austin with a toddler
toddler at the park at the domain in Austin
grass area at the domain

Played at the Park outside the Movie Theater

I always love when a mall has movie theaters. It gives families another thing to do, especially if one person likes to shop, but others want to stay cool inside and watch a new movie in an Imax theater. But outside the theater, there is a large grass area and a few play structures for kids. The play area is perfect for kids and is a great way to burn off some energy while you are at the Domain. 

Had a snack at one of The Domain Restaurants

I saw a miniature golf restaurant while we were there and considered doing this instead of a basic restaurant for lunch, but then I remembered we had another big adventure after lunch and should keep the eating portion as low-key as possible. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory; we wanted a quick chicken and french fries before our final activity of the day. 

museum of ice cream things to do in austin with toddlers
lady in the pink alley at the musuem of ice cream things to do in austin with toddlers
sprinkle pit things to do in austin with toddlers ice cream museum

Have Dessert and Play at the Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream has fun Interactive exhibits and full-size ice cream and cotton candy in multiple rooms. The first part of your tour is guided, and you learn a little about the history of ice cream, participate in an ice cream-themed activity and enjoy a dessert. But there is more. The second half of the tour is self-guided, and there are a few other activity rooms before you end up in the sprinkle pit pool. 

We had the most fun in this room specifically.

Map from Visit Austin

North Austin

North Austin is where a majority of activities are at. Downtown Austin is considered North Austin. Here are a few things right outside of Downtown to consider.

Bullock Texas State History Museum

While close to Downtown, it’s a little on the outskirts. The Bullock Texas State History Museum is where you will find the story of Texas. Museums are a little more on the older kid side since there is a lot of education involved, but toddlers will still enjoy exploring and looking at all the exhibits.

things to do in austin with toddlers the thinkery
water play area at the thinkery things to do in austin with toddlers
inside the thinkery things to do in austin with toddlers
outdoor play structure the thinkery
idea room the thinkery


The best kid’s museum in Austin and at the top of our list of things to do in Austin.

From the interactive water lab to the interactive Kitchen Lab, each exhibit at The Thinkery is designed to engage children of all ages and interests. Through the power of play, this museum nurtures critical thinking, problem-solving, and a love for exploration. Whether it’s tinkering with gadgets, exploring nature, or unraveling mysteries, The Thinkery empowers young minds to dream, discover, and become tomorrow’s innovators.

Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve

Also known as Mayfield Park, this historic cottage, garden, and nature preserve is beautifully nestled overlooking Lake Austin.

Blanton Museum of Art

The Blanton Art Museum is one of the largest university art museums in the US. At 189,340 sqft, this museum features world-class art experiences for all ages in the heart of Austin.

Wonderspaces Austin

Wonderspaces Austin has 14 extraordinary artworks and a full bar to enjoy as you fully immerse yourself in the interactive art show.

South Austin

South Austin

South Austin is known as a “taste of old Austin” by the locals. old-school boutiques, vintage shops, and restaurants while mixing in new food spots. You will find many things to do, like South Congress Avenue, South First Street, and South Lamar. 

Pikopy’s Town

The perfect place for parents to unwind, work and enjoy a refreshment while you watch them engage and imagine in a child-size town with 9 custom immersive play experiences and so much more. This is designed as a parent co-working space that has coffee, wifi, a printer, and a private phone booth.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Outside of town, you will find beautiful botanical gardens. You will find over 900 species of Texas plants in gardens and natural settings, as well as educational programs for kids, and hiking trails. 

Mom and daughter on train from downtown austin to kramer
mother and daughter on a train to kramer station things to do in austin with toddlers

Train Ride

While not your typical thing to do with a toddler, ours loves a good train ride. There is a lot to look at, and you can get to some really great locations by a quick train ride and for a relatively low cost. We rode from Downtown Austin to the Kramer stop and made our way to The Domain, where we spent an entire day at some fun museums.

train station downtown austin things to do in austin with toddlers

Top Things to Do in Austin with Toddlers

Indigo play

Indoor play area with a designated toddler and baby play area, perfect for kids to roam freely or have you join in the fun. The indoor play area is designed to encourage learning through play. Owned by an Austin family, this play center will keep your little kids entertained for hours. One added bonus is that it is right next door to the Austin Aquarium so you can hit two birds with one stone.

How much does it cost to play at Indigo Play?

All-Day Play Price

0 – 5 Months $0 (adults $6)

6 – 23 Months $13

2 Years & up $19

Adults $2

Wonderspaces Austin

Full immersive art show with a full bar for the adults. This art museum Is great for the entire family. With 16 fully immersive art exhibits, you will have the best time exploring and wandering around as you get lost in the colors and art. 

How much are tickets to Wonderspaces Austin?

3 and under are Free

3 – 12 years are $15

Students, teachers, seniors, Military, and Healthcare are $20

Adults are $24

Austin Zoo

The zoo is always a good time for the whole family and is a popular place in the Austin area. The zoo’s main goal is to rescue animals through conservation, and educational opportunities. 

Children can partake in the petting zoo or explore over 300 animals.

Bring your own water and wear closed-toed shoes. The crushed gravel trails will be a little more difficult to take a stroller, but it’s the perfect spot to spend the day learning and supporting the non-profit Zoo.

Austin Aquarium

The Austin Aquarium is one of the best spots to stop for things to do in Austin with Toddlers. Zoos and aquariums are always at the top of our list. You can combine education and fun for the entire family in one place.

Barton Springs Pool

Also known as the 3-acre pool, has an average temperature of 68-70 degrees, making it the perfect spot to cool off in the summer months. 

It’s funny they call it a pool because it is literally Barton Creek. There is no “pool” in general terms, but it is a cement-sectioned-off area that is spring feed with water. 

Surrounded by grass, it’s the perfect spot to hang out by the water and relax in the grass after a nice swim.

This three-acre pool is an average temperature of 68-70 degrees and is perfect for year-round swimming. This federally protected habitat is home to the endangered Barton Spring Salamander. 

How much does it cost to swim at Barton Springs?

Barton Springs has ticket centers where you can purchase an entry ticket with a credit card or debit card as well as exact change. 

Children 1-11 are $2 for residents and $4 for non-residents

Junior 12 – 17 are $3 for residents and $5 for non-residents

Adults 18 – 62 are $5 for residents and $9 for non-residents

Seniors 62+ are $2 for residents and $5 for non-residents

Veterans and Children under 1 are Free

Other Things to Do in Austin with Toddlers

Visit Bookpeople

One of the largest independent bookstores in Texas, this two-story bookstore is filled with books, magazines, and fun items to purchase. The kid’s section is the perfect spot for your little bookworm to search for books and read, as well as Storytime at the BookKids amphitheater. 

Rock Climbing

Little Land Play Gym 

Big Top Candy Shop

Peter Pan Mini Golf

Toy Lending Library

Lakeline Mall

Barton Creek Greenbelt

Austin Public Library

Now that we have gone through the areas and a few top things to do in Austin, I’m going to break down the things to do into categories and discuss a few options for each.

Kalahari Resort Arcade Tom Foolerys Adventure Park



Arcade games, Family friendly in the morning and for 21+ starting at 8 pm. This bar arcade features over 150+ New and retro games, beverages, and food. One really unique thing about this particular location is that it sits right on the water, and there is an outdoor lakeside patio, a good place to relax, enjoy some pinball machines and have a beautiful view.


Just North of Downtown, you will find Pinstack Bowl. Eat, Play, and Bowl. This massive family fun center with bumper cars, laser tag, rock climbing, video games, and so much is a great spot to hang indoors, and have a bite to eat, and bowl.

Tom Foolerys Adventure Park
Child won lots of tickets at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park
water game and tickets at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park things to do with toddlers in austin
mother and daughter at Kalahari resort Tom Foolerys Adventure Park things to do with toddlers in austin
roller coaster at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park things to do with toddlers in austin

Kalahari Resort and Tom Foolerys Adventure Park

223,000 sqft of fun! When you stay at the resort, waterpark admission is included. But, if you are looking for one of the best indoor waterparks, you do not have to stay at the resort to experience the fun.

This waterpark has over 20 different slides, rivers, and lagoons to partake an enjoy during your stay.

The 80,000 sq ft adventure park will keep the big kids and your toddlers busy all day. Big kids will enjoy rope courses, climbing walls, and laser tag. While toddlers can bowl or play one of the 250+ games.

Jungle Island Family Entertainment Center

Our final indoor family fun center near Downtown. Any fun center is pretty much great for the Austin with Toddlers list.

Texas State Capitol Building

Museums and Texas History

Not all museums are created equal, especially with kids and toddlers. We loved Austin’s Children’s Museum, The Thinkery, out of all museums, but here are the top-rated Austin museums for toddlers and kids of all ages.


Our top pick for toddlers in Austin. This museum is perfect for the family on Saturday mornings. 

They offer spring and summer camps for locals and is a great indoor place on a rainy day. 

Bullock Texas State History Museum

Austin Nature & Science Center

Blanton Museum of Art

Texas Memorial Museum

The Contemporary – Laguna Gloria and Downtown 

Murals in Austin

There is so much art around Austin, from graffiti to street art, murals, and mosaics. Check out some of our favorite spots around town. One of our favorite fun and bright artists, Tara Leigh Johnston, continues to bring bright colors and botanicals all over Austin. Our daughter loved our mural day, we drove around and jumped out and took pictures at each of the murals around town, it was a blast and definitely something to add to your list of things to do in Austin with toddlers.

Tau Ceti mural Downtown Austin Art

Tau Ceti

📍 E 2nd & Brazos St

Won't you be my neighbor

Won’t You Be My Friend?

📍 1423 S. Congress Ave

willie for president things to do in austin with toddlers

Willie For President

📍 1315 S Congress Ave.

I love you so much mural things to do in austin with toddlers

I Love You So Much

📍 1300 S. Congress

Greetings from Austin mural

Greetings From Austin

📍 720 S 1st St.

bridge art things to do in austin with toddlers

Railroad Bridge Art

📍 283 N. Lamar

Willie Nelson statue Things to do in austin with toddlers

Willie Nelson Statue

📍 301 Willie Nelson Blvd.

Peace Love and Austin

Peace, Love, Austin

📍 201 Colorado St, Austin, TX

Parks, Gardens, and Lakes

I wanted something fun for toddlers but also something I would enjoy as well. Austin is full of Parks, Gardens, and lakes, making it a great balance between toddlers and adults

As an adult, it’s always great when you find a good balance between things to do for a toddler and things you enjoy as an adult. 

We walked along the Colorado River on the hiking path. This is also a bike trail, and there are lots of people. There are spots where you can get right up to the water, and it is generally an easy walk. 

Zilker Metropolitan Park

Zilker Park is over 350 acres and is larger than Manhattan Park In New York. Known as “Austin’s most-loved park,” Zilker has multiple recreation options for toddlers, families, and people. You can spend the entire day at the park and not see everything. Play at the volleyball courts, capture a perfect view of the Austin skyline, paddleboard, or take a dip in the pool. 

downtown austin from zilker park
kid at the zilker botanical garden
zilker botanical garden things to do in austin with toddler

Zilker Botanical Gardens

We spent most of our time at the botanical gardens. I wanted something fun for toddlers but also something I would enjoy as well on our 2nd day in Austin.

How much is the Zilker Botanical Gardens Admission?

Members are Free

2 and under Free

Youth 3-17 are $3 (Local) $4 (Non-local)

Adults 18-61 are $6 (Local) $8 (Non-local)

Seniors ages 62 and up are $5 (Local) $7 (Non-local)

Where to park for Zilker Botanical Gardens?

Additional parking is on Sutter – There are quite a few parking spots up at the main lot, and if you drive around a few times, you may find a spot. If not, follow Sutter Road and park in the additional dirt lot. It is a little bit of a hike back up to the entrance.

toddler outside austins zilker botanical garden tea house
Pretty cute coffee zilker botanical garden

The staff was absolutely the best! 

When we first arrived, my daughter had skinned her knee in the parking lot. I took her into the visitors center restroom to get her all cleaned up, and one of the staff members was also in there. She heard my daughter crying and asked if everything was alright and noticed her skinned knee bleeding. She said give me one minute, I will be right back and she brought us Willie bandaids. Sloan picked out a unicorn and a rainbow bandaid from the set, and we were off to explore.

pretty cute coffee at zilker botanical gardens

Pretty Cute Coffee

Currently, there is a coffee and tea truck right in the parking lot by the visitor’s center. Pretty Cute Coffee has tea, coffee, treats, and popsicles. We ordered the hibiscus tea and two strawberry lemonade popsicles to enjoy. There are lots of tables and chairs to relax at, and we ate our popsicles before heading back into the park to walk around.

We highly suggest stopping here for cold tea before you head into the park to walk around. Please note there are not a lot of trashcans around to throw your items away once inside the garden, so once you are done, you will want to head back up to the visitors center to throw your things away.

There are 6 garden areas to walk through.

Japanese Garden

Tea house

Koi pond



Bonsai Display

The Japanese garden has benches and spots to sit all around, and if you sit at the top of the garden by the visitor’s center, there is a really great view of the downtown cityscape.

Hartman Prehistoric Gardens




Hartman Gate

This area, while we were there, had a special event going on for local artists. The area had over 40 neon light sculptures around. Typically you would see dinosaurs around the area. There are beautiful waterfalls and streams all around the park. 

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Gazebo

Butterly Fountain

Butterfly Gate

While the butterfly trail has butterflies, you will notice them all around the park. There is not an enclosure where all the butterflies are at.

Pioneer Village

Blacksmith Shop

Esperanza Schoolhouse

Swedish Log Cabin

Vegetable garden

Cactus & Succulent Garden

Hummingbird Garden

Iris & Daylily Beds

Oak Grove

Picnic Area

Oak Grove Storage

Nature Play

Play Area for Kids

The children’s play area has musical instruments to play with and is the perfect spot for kids to run around and play and for parents to relax. 

Visitors Center

The visitors center has maps and a gift shop to purchase memorabilia.


There are a few restrooms around, but the best is the one inside the visitor’s center

Austin Nature & Science Center

Located in Zilker Park, this free educational playground with lots of hands-on nature exhibits, making it a great place for the entire family and a must for toddlers in Austin. There are lots of educational things to do with kids at the Austin nature center and space to run around.

UMLAUF Garden Austin
UMLAUF Sculpture Things to do in austin with toddlers

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

For toddlers, this might not be the most ideal. The sculpture garden is overall a quiet spot to explore. The sculptures were fun to look at, and everyone walking around the garden didn’t seem to be bothered by children, but this would probably be the best for older children.

While not at the top of our list of things to do in Austin with toddlers. We did enjoy a quick 45 min hang around the sculpture Park. If you are an art family, we highly suggest going. If walking through a museum sounds unappealing, skip it.
The other sculpture museum that we would suggest is The Contemporary Laguna Gloria.

Other things to do in Zilker Metropolitan Park 

  1. Barton Springs Pool
  2. Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum
  3. Lou Neff Point
  4. Zilker Park Boat Rentals
  5. Zilker Hillside Theater
  6. Austin Nature & Science Center
  7. Zilker Botanical Gardens
  8. Zilker Park Disc Golf Course
  9. Zilker Nature Preserve

Butler Metro Park

Grab a Starbucks and explore the park. Close in proximity to Zilker Park, this smaller park packs a day’s worth of things to do. 

Alliance Children’s Garden

Located near Downtown Austin, the large turf park has multiple mounds to run around and cement slides and sand pits to play in. 

Liz Carpenter Splash Pad

The splash pad was high on our list of things to do in Austin with toddlers, but the rain was not something we accounted for. While it didn’t downpour, it was a little on the cooler side, and we did not want to be outside in a swimsuit while it was raining. 

Other things to do in Butler Park

  1. Alliance Children’s garden
  2. Liz Carpenter Splash Pad
  3. Butler Pitch & Putt
  4. City of Austin Parks & Rec 
  5. Butler Shoes at Town Lake Metro Park
  6. ZACH Theater 
  7. Auditorium Shores at Town Lake Metro Park

Dinosaur Park

For outdoor activities, this is in the middle of our list of things to do in Austin with toddlers. The dinosaur park has life-sized dinosaurs, a large gift shop, and other dinosaur-themed activities to partake in. They could all use a refresh and a little overall park update but this is a perfect spot to explore and run around.

Pease District Park

Cute urban park with walking trails, and a super cool dome structure. 

Lady Bird Lake

If you are looking to rent a paddle board or swan boat, this is the spot where all the water activities are. Depending on what your plan is for the day will determine what you rent for the time you are there. 

Another great option is a guided tour on one of the Boat tours or cruises

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Located in South Austin and not anywhere near Lady Bird Lake, this public botanical garden is over 279 acres dedicated to sustainable earth through education and research. Drawing in nearly 100,000 yearly, you can partake in daily guided garden tours, yoga, and much more. 

Live Music in Austin

While not exactly a perfect thing to do in Austin with toddlers. Live music is something younger children can enjoy without really knowing they are enjoying it. As the live music capital of the world, you can pretty much stumble into anywhere and find live music. Even the Austin–Bergstrom International Airport has live music. Here are a few top spots to listen to live music in Austin.

1. Stubb’s Bar-B-Q

2. Austin City Limits Live

3. The Continental Club

4. The White Horse

5. The Mohawk

Water Parks and Splash Pads near Austin

Austin has lots of splash pads, and many open during late spring, and are open through summer. Some of the top splash pads are right in Downtown Austin, making it a must on the things to do in Austin with toddlers list.

Volente Beach Resort & Waterpark

Now, I wouldn’t normally opt to stay somewhere that has a waterpark in its name. This takes Waterpark Resort to a new level. This boutique waterpark features Wave pools, lazy rivers, multiple pools, private beaches, indoor and outdoor dining, and so much more. The beach bungalows are adorable, and your overnight stay includes your admission tickets to the water park as well.

Splash Shack

We love an indoor water park. Temperature controlled, weather is never an issue. Rainy day but want to splash around in the wave pool? No problem. 

Kalahari Resort and Waterpark

I know we talked about the adventure park and resort in the arcade section, but we have to touch on it again in the water park section. This water park is the largest indoor waterpark in the world! I know, shockingly, right in the middle of Texas, in the tiny town of Round Rock, you will find this massive resort! Round Rock is around 20 min from Downtown Austin, so not far for a day full of fun. 

Liz Carpenter Splash Pad

Located in Barton Metro Park 

Buda splash park

Beautiful kids food austin

Great Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Austin

There are a LOT of Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Austin. Food in Austin is very unique. The food scene is such a wide blend of multi-cultures that you can get anything on pretty much any street corner.

Here is what we tried and some other top restaurants we weren’t able to see but heard amazing things about. 

Food in Austin TX

We pretty much only eat at “kid-friendly” Restaurants, but I will indicate if one of them Is not kid-friendly and why it is on the list. We run into our occasional spots, and they typically fall into a cocktail or bar/lounge category. 

Barton Springs Picnic Food Trucks Things to do in Austin with toddlers

Food Trucks and Food Truck Parks

Austin has like tons of Food Trucks Congregations. Where we live, we have a food truck one weekday during the spring and summer months. but this is all the time these amazing food trucks are parked together in groups. We love food trucks, but the chaos of lines is unappealing. THIS WAS AWESOME! No long lines, I mean, you have your occasional longer line at a popular food truck coop spot, and if you are at the most popular one there, but in general, you won’t have too long of a wait for food. And the best part about food trucks is the ability to grab one item from different trucks. So enjoy one of the other foods while you wait in line for the trucks. 

Here are some of the top Food Truck Locations in Austin

1. South First Food Court

2. Barton Springs Picnic

3. West Gibson Street Food Trucks

4. East 11th Street

5. Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden

Juliet Itailian Food things to do in austin with toddlers
Juliet barton springs
salad and bread juliet austin restaurant

Juliet Italian Kitchen

BEST Italian food I’ve had, hands down.

I ordered the prix fixe lunch menu special and added a Caesar salad. I chose the Caprese Bruschetta and pesto chicken. Do not pass on any of them. Add a glass of champagne, and you have the perfect lunch. 

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse in Austin has served up the best food, drinks, and films all in one location. This theater and restaurant have everything covered, and I have to admit. Movie date night are always difficult because we want to find somewhere to eat and then make our way to the theater, and Alamo Drafthouse makes movie night more simple.

Maiko Sushi Lounge

We had a really great dinner here. When we first sat down, our daughter was concerned, I didn’t bring her chopstick cheaters and the waitress literally sprung into action and got us cheaters right away, she even gave us a second pair to keep in my purse so I wouldn’t forget again. 😉 

After that, the chef made her a special fruit plate with strawberries, oranges, and marshmallows covered in chocolate. 

We ordered: Edemame, pot stickers, Miso Soup, Carpaccio, and a Tuna Bowl

Everything was really great, and If you are looking for sushi, this is a great spot. The carpaccio was absolutely amazing.

Salt Traders Austin
Champagne at Salt Traders
Bread and pickles salt traders

Salt Traders Coastal Cooking

I overheard the waitress suggest clam chowder with fish and chips and dunking your fish into the chowder. I overheard this after we had already finished our food and I had no room to try this delicious suggestion. 

Next time we are there, you can guarantee I will be ordering this and giving it a try.

What we ordered: Bread and butter, potstickers, kids cheese burger with fries.

Fareground Eat and Drink father and daughter
fareground eat and drink things to do in austin with toddlers


Think indy food co-op. These little co-op spots are all over the place in food truck form, and similar to this spot, there are multiple different ethnic food options in one location. LOVE

When we arrived, there was a CrossFit class going on the front lawn and stage, and it looked like they had frequent classes you could attend. Inside there are 6 different food locations, a bar, local shopping, and a self-checkout market. 

Little WU 

We ordered Chicken Potstickers and pork dumplings.

Taco Pegaso 

What we ordered: Chips and Guacamole, Two Tinga Tacos, and Two Beef tacos. 

We did not love the beef tacos. They were just refried beans and beef with a sprig of cilantro. I would say skip them and order the chicken tinga or pork tacos. 

You are able to customize your tacos how you want, but we really like to order them as is and see what the restaurant has to offer. 

Cheesecake Factory

Now this is more of a norm, and I don’t like to talk Ill of restaurants when they are short-staffed. But, the food was good, and the service was really slow. The host was also the waiter, and it sounded like someone had called in. 

Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe

Juan in a million for Breakfast tacos

There wasn’t an easy way to get to Juan in a Million, but I’ve heard this spot has the BEST breakfast tacos. 

Cafe Blue Classic Seafood & Oyster Bar

This oyster bar had multiple oyster options, including Blue Points and Osprey Point Oysters. We ordered a dozen oysters, mac n cheese *literally so yummy with fruit and fries, seared ahi salad, and pan-fried almondine.

mozarts coffee on the deck

Coffee Shop

Stopping at a coffee shop is one of our favorite things to do together. Grab a small snack, coffee, and hot chocolate for the little, and off we go. We like to find a spot to sit and relax if it’s not at the coffee shop. My absolute FAVORITE was the iced vanilla latte from The Presidental House Coffee inside the Omni Hotel. 

Presidential house coffee

Presidential House Coffee


Sweetwaters Coffee

SweetWaters Coffee & Tea

Mozart Coffee
Mozarts fresh coffee beans


This is actually a coffee shop with baked goods and is a coffee roaster. Meaning they roast their own coffee blends and this location happens to sell them. 

What I ordered: Iced black coffee, two spring cookies.

Atlas Cafe

On Yelp there happens to be a few cheese board photos, they do not offer this currently but this was the perfect stop to overlook the water and have a mimosa after a long walking day.

Jo's Coffee downtown location

Jo’s Hot Coffee Good Food

The BEST Chai Latte and well-known in Austin with multiple locations. Our favorite location is in South Congress. 

Two Hands Coffee Austin

Two Hands

Coffee and Crisp at the domain

Coffee + Crisp 

Revolucion coffee thigns to do in austin with toddlers

Revolucion Coffee + Juice

Halcyon Coffee

Yummi Joy Ice Cream

Desserts and Sweets

The Yard

Super cool milkshake bar. 

Yummi Joy

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Amy’s ice creams

Top Attractions for Adults and Older Kids

Inner Space Cavern

I don’t think I could convince my toddler this is something fun, but this will be something we do on one of our trips to Austin when she is older. 

The Inner Space Cavern was discovered by the Texas Highway Department and has brought tens of thousands of people through the cave. While not stroller friendly, the easy-to-walk pathways in the cave and cool 72-degree temps are the perfect spots to escape the day and explore a naturally preserved cave.

Austin Bouldering Project

Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness Center

Nearby things to do in Austin TX With Toddlers and Kids

San Antonio

San Antonio is actually a lot closer than we had anticipated. It’s close to 79 miles, around a 1.5-hour drive. There is no way we could write a City Things to do post and not touch on where the closest theme park was at. San Antonio is home to SeaWorld San Antonio, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and a few smaller theme parks. We haven’t been able to add extra days to make our way over to San Antonio, but hopefully, we will be able to review both parks in the coming years.

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek is a small suburb outside of Austin, TX. One thing to note about Cedar Creek is all the fun things you can do there. One that stuck out the most was the Zip Lost Pines zip line course. The Capitol of Texas Zoo and McKinney Roughs Nature Park, and The Dinosaur Park. 

Round Rock 

Round Rock is also nearby Austin and a quick 25-30 min drive from Downtown Austin. While not as walkable as Austin, Round Rock is known for the Kalahari Resort, and we have to say we spent a day and a half just in the arcade and didn’t even get a chance to play around the water park at the Resort. 

Dripping Springs

This tiny town outside Austin is an eclectic town with unchanged exteriors and notes to decades before. One really unique thing you will find in this cute little town is swimming in Hamilton Pool. This naturally made pool is surrounded by a waterfall and a grotto to relax in the shade. The town also offers multiple breweries and tasting rooms.

Cedar Park

A small, quick-growing suburb northwest of Austin. This neighborhood is one of the best places to live in Texas. In Cedar Park, you will find Splash Shack, an indoor waterpark, Brushy Creek Lake Park, and the Austin Steam Train Association Museum.

We hope you enjoyed this Austin with Toddlers guide and have so much fun on your upcoming trip.

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