New Power Up Cafe Opens at Universal Studios Hollywood

Power Up Cafe Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood

The new Power Up Cafe came out of nowhere and we booked the first flight out to try the new super nintendo world restaurant during soft opening. 

While the new Power Up Cafe is located in the upper lot on New York Street the theming is nothing less than amazing.

I feel like Universal had us a little distracted by the 1st anniversary of Super Nintendo World and the construction on the new Fast and Furious ride, but we should have known that they had something great up their sleeve. 

But we had no idea it was going to be the new power-up cafe. While Toadstool cafe is a must stop, it can be busy and hard to get in line through their virtual queue. Power Up Cafe is a great stop and definitely worth a try.

In addition to the new power up cafe, you can also enjoy the one year anniversary of super nintendo world with a limited edition mario golden power-up band. You can pick one of those up while supplies last at any of the nintendo stores. 

Fire Flower Pretzel from Power Up Cafe Universal Studios Hollywood
1-Up Mushroom Calzone from Power Up Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood

What I ordered at Power Up Cafe

1-up Mushroom Calzone

Fire Flower Pretzel

Super Star Popcorn

Super Mushroom Fizz

The calzone was AMAZING! Ive heard the super mushroom calzone is a little dry and could use more sauce or sauce on the side, but the basil pesto and veggies make it really moist and not dry at all. 

The fire flower pretzel doesn’t feel or taste like a traditional pretzel, but once you use the dipping sauces its the best pretzel. I loved the queso dipping sauce the most, the mustard was great as well as the chipotle cheese.

Now the Super star popcorn is made for a princess, the glitter dusted popcorn is your traditional buttered popcorn, but taken up a notch with the glitter dust. Thankfully I didn’t get it all over myself because I knocked it over, but the table was covered. 

Finally the Super mushroom fizz was unique and delicious. The popping pearls completely caught me off guard and were absolutely refreshing and full of flavor. I drank part of my soda without the mushroom power up. The mushroom power up does change the flavor and I was not in love with the new flavor once I added the sugar mushroom. 

A little side note, make sure to stir the sugar mushroom really well before you drink it or you will get chunks of it.

Full Power Up Cafe Menu

Super Mushroom Calzone

Red Mushroom Shaped Calzone filled wit pepperoni, sausage, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. – $13

1-Up Mushroom Calzone from Power Up Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood Super Nintendo World

1-up Mushroom Calzone

Green Mushroom shaped calzone filled with spinach, green peppers, mushroom, mozzarella cheese and basil pesto. – $13

Fire Flower Pretzel from Power Up Cafe Universal Studios Hollywood

Fire Flower Pretzel

Fire flower shaped pretzel served with three dipping sauces. Chipotle cheese, mustard, and white queso dipping sauce. – $13

Super Star Popcorn from Power Up Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood Super Nintendo World

Super Star Popcorn

Butter popcorn topped with edible glitter. – $7

Super Mushroom Fizz 

Lemon Lime soda with strawberry popping pearls and a strawberry super mushroom power up – $13

1-Up Mushroom Fizz

Lemon lime soda with green apple popping pearls and a lime mushroom power up – $13

Fire Flower Fizz 

Lemon-lime soda wit orange popping pearls and a mango habanero fire flower power up – $13

Super Star Fizz

Lemon lime soda with lemon popping pearls and a mango pineapple super star power up. – $13

If you have any questions check with the team member outside the location, or head to guest relations. 

Official Opening Date for Power Up Cafe

Once the Power up Cafe quick service launches on February 15 you will be able to check out the Universal Studios Hollywood app for details on hours and menu items. This is a great theme park addition for unique food and drinks.

This is the first Super Nintendo World quick service location, although it is not located in the Super Nintendo land in the lower lot, it will help offset some of the crowdedness of the land on the lower lot when it comes to food.

If you are looking to eat at Toadstool Café or use the power-up bands and collect digital coins and keys you will need to head down to the lower lot. Read more about the Super Nintendo World Secret Keys, Tips and Tricks

​In order to eat at Toadstool Cafe make sure you scan the QR codes you see on your way into the land, and outside of Toadstool Cafe. 

It fills up quickly so make sure to do that first before exploring the land or riding Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge the Ride.

Thank you to Chef Julia Thrash for introducing a unique and entertaining experience with food. 

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