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Rising Moons Friends Star Wars Nite is HERE!
Star Wars Nite is bac,k and man, are things different! Find out what we were most excited for and what we missed out on this year at the 2024 Star Wars Nite. 

This after hours ticketed event is open to guests who purchase the Disneyland After Dark Event ticket, and that means the park’s capacity is limited for this special event. 

Currently, Disneyland is celebrating Season of the Force, Star Wars Nite and Pixar Fest together. Season of the Force does not require a special ticket to attend, but it does feature special-themed food, merchandise, and a BRAND NEW firework show. 

It feels like Season of the Force seems to be taking over, and I’m curious what will happen with Star Wars Nite over the years to come. A few things that were sacred to the event specifically have now trickled over to the daytime entertainment but only on select nights (not Star Wars Nite). 

To enjoy both Season of the Force (mostly the fireworks show) and Star Wars Nite, you will need to attend two separate nights. 

If you are a Star Wars fan but don’t want to attend the after-hours event (although you should), you can snag a Disneyland General day ticket and access some pretty cool perks as well. 

Let’s dive into the special event agenda and what to expect at one of these events. 

We will also share our tips and tricks along the way and the Star Wars Nite Map for 2024. 

Hyperspace Mountain and Star Wars Nite badge

Star Wars Nite Time in the Park and Tips 

Like many people, we were worried we wouldn’t get everything we wanted during the limited-hour event. And while we didn’t complete every stop and food item on the map we got what we wanted and had a great time doing so. 

Event Start Time

The event officially kicks off at 9:00 pm on specific nights in April and May. There wasn’t anything super special to launch the event BUT you do not want to be late by any means. These special event nights have a mix in time that starts at 6:00 pm. 

Lightsaber Meetup

One thing you do not want to miss is the lightsaber meetup in galaxies edge and the first one kick off at 9:00 so if that is important to you this is something you want to put at the top of your list.

What is Mix-in Time

Your After Hours ticket gives you access to the park 3 hours early starting at 6:00 pm like we mentioned earlier. This is called your mix in time and this is a really great time to get in a few rides and a little bit of food. You can have the Season of the Force during this time. 

Character Meet and Greets 

The other thing we suggest doing is navigate to one of the character photo opportunities that you are interested in and wait in line for that to open. The character meet and greets can be REALLY busy depending on the rarity of the character. You have unlimited digital downloads of Disney photopass photos included during the special ticketed event. 

Rides During Mix-in Time

In Disneyland during the mix in time everyone with a general park ticket is using their Genie+ at the end of the day and getting in the last few rides before the park closes early making ride times pretty high. The popular attractions like Hyperspace Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Rise of the Resistance are open during the event. 

Rides Open During the Event 

Some of the rides are not open during the event so be mindful of some rides being closed. 

You can jump on rides during this time if you would like. We try to only go on one or two rides during the event because the rides will always be there, the special food and characters are exclusive to the event and very limited. 

When to Eat Food

As long as you have your Star Wars Nite badge, you can get some of the food as early as 8:00 pm. Around 7:30/8:00, we ate and planned our night schedule for the event. 

Let’s dive into what everything is so you can hit the ground running the second you get there. The biggest tip when it comes to food is to mobile order and plan out everything ahead of time.

Specialty Entertainment

There are a few special entertainment options during the Star Wars Nite event. 

The few we would prioritize are the lightsaber meet-up in Galaxy’s Edge, March of the First Order, and the Figrin d’an and the modal nodes. 

Star Wars Nite Lightsaber Meetup in Galaxy’s Edge

Lightsaber Meet-up with Rey

Star Wars Galaxy Edge

9:00 pm, 10:00 pm & 11:00 pm

This is a must-do during the event! We went to the 10:00 pm meetup, and from what I saw from others, they were identical. 

The back row was really wonderful, and you get the full overview of the event. Try to stand between the Millennium Falcon and the two stages so you can see both sides of the show. Then, you can turn around into the crowd when everyone puts the lightsabers up. 

Galactic DJ Party Zone

Main Street USA

Throughout the Night

This is an ongoing thing all night. The music was fine but I didn’t find it to be “Star Wars” themed enough for the event. There was definitely a missed opportunity there. We hung out and listened to the DJ during the final announcement/Fond Farewell 

Lightsaber Instructional


9:00 pm, 10:00 pm & 11:00 pm

This is for the Star Wars Padawan. This is a meetup for kids and others to learn how to become a Jedi. There is a special finesse to the lightsaber. 

March of the First Order Star Wars Nite Entertainment

March of The First Order


9:05 pm, 10:10 pm, 11:15 pm & 12:20 am

March of the First Order, featuring Captain Phasma, is another absolute must. To watch these stormtroopers march is just fascinating. They come out of the Star Wars Launch Bay, down the ramp, and into the crowd. It’s a very cool thing to watch and we highly suggest this on your list as well. 

Disneyland Castle with Star Wars Nite Projections

Choose Your Path

Main Street USA

9:45 pm, 10:45 pm, 11:45 pm & 12:30 am

These are announcements down Main Street for the side you choose. You can pick either the light side or the dark side. 

There are QR codes around the park, so you can scan with your phone to vote. 

While it’s cool to see the projections on the buildings down Main Street, you can see it on your way out at the end of the night, so you don’t have to head over there unless you are doing the next activity on this list. 

Fans of the Force Cavalcade at Star Wars Nite

Fans of The Force Costume Cavalcade

Main Street USA

10:25 pm & 11:25 pm

If you are like me and enjoy cosplay I highly recommend participating in the Costume Cavalcade on Main Street. You get to hang with Mickey and Minnie in their Star Wars Nite Outfits and take a picture in front of the castle with them. 

We did see people who were dressed up minimally and were also walking in the cavalcade. 

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes

Rivers of America

9:15 pm, 10:15 pm, 11:15 pm & 12:15 am

We missed this and I don’t even know how. DO NOT MISS THIS! As soon as you hear the song you will know exactly what it is and wont want to miss it either. 

Fond Farewell

Main Street USA

12:30 am

Nothing special since its just the final announcement of the night for what side of the force wins. But the park closes at 1 am for the event. Take every last second you can to enjoy the event and everything else around the park. 

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes

Things to Prioritize on the list

Lightsaber Meetup: after its dark outside, the glow of the lightsabers is absolutely beautiful.

March of the First Order 

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes

Fans of the Force Costume Cavalcade 

Queen Amidala at Star Wars Nite

Characters at Star Wars Nite

There are multiple special characters that are around the park. There are a few that have a drive by style and others are a regular line and character photo opportunity.  

I met Queen Amidala through a slow-moving drive-by style, and she said she was looking for new decoys. I signed up immediately, no questions asked. ;) 

This was by far the best part of the night for me. — In addition to the Drive by meet and greet for the Stormtroopers, Darth Maul, and Darth Vader. 

You have to make SMALL movements while you are walking through or walk through twice to get a really great experience in the drive-bys. 

Selfies are really tough during the drive-bys. 

I had the same experience with Cruela during Oogie Boogie Bash and now Queen Amidala at Star Wars. I’m sold on the After Hours events, with their rare Character Meet and Greets. 

The other characters have normal style lines, and you can have your photo taken. There are other photo opportunities around the park, but I will discuss them later. 

Darth Vader Star Wars Nite Character Meet and Greet Drive-by
Darth Maul Star Wars Nite Character Drive-by

All The Characters At Star Wars Nite 2024


  • Darth Maul. Darth Vader, Imperial Stormtroopers
  • Emperor Palpatine and Royal Guards
  • Luke, Leia and R2D2

Critter Country

  • Ewoks

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

  • The Mandalorian and Grogu
  • Hera Syndulla Chopper
  • Ahsoka Tano
  • C-3PO
  • Fennex Stand
  • Rey and Chewy during the lightsaber meetups


  • Queen Amidala


  • Jawas and R5-D4

Main Entrance Train Station

  • Mickey Mouse 
  • Minnie Mouse 
Mickey Mouse R2D2 Minnie Mouse BB8 star wars nite Disneyland after dark event outfit

If you are on a hunt for special characters, Galaxy’s Edge has the most characters, and next would be Tomorrowland.

Some of these lines can get very long, and you might not be able to see every character up close and have time for all the other food and activities. 

Make sure you prioritize who is most important and what is most important. 

Darth Maul Star Wars Nite Character Drive-by

Photo Opportunities at Star Wars Nite

These are the other photo opportunities we were talking about. We pick a Throan and the Speeder Bikes. Around the park you will find multiple photo opportunities. During the event your ticket includes all photo pass photos taken by cast members. 

Once you get your party band head back into your app and link your bracelet to your account. 

Scroll until you see Link Ticket or Pass. Then scan the QR code and your are good to go. 

How to Link your After Dark Tickets & Passes
How to Link your After Dark Tickets & Passes > Scroll
How to Link your After Dark Tickets & Passes > Scroll to Link Ticket or Pass

Have the cast member scan your band, and your photos will appear in your app around 20ish minutes later. 

Make sure to download your photos asap! 

Speeder Bikes in Fantasyland Photo Opportunity Locations Star Wars Nite
Photo opportunity at Star Wars Nite thrones

Photo Opportunity Locations 

Main Street, USA

  • Light Side Photo Location
  • Dark Side Photo Location


  • Mythosaur


  • Han Solo in Carbonite
  • Jabba the Hutt


  • Boba Fett Throan
  • Bo-Katan Throne
  • Emperor Papatine Throne
  • Rebel Base
  • Speeder Bikes

Event Merchandise

There are two sets of merchandise. One set for the Season of the Force, open to everyone and second the Star Wars Nite merchandise. 

In the hour we walked around, they ran out of the R2-D2 Pin but still had the Darth Vader, so as soon as you pick up your band around 6:00. You should immediately get in line to look and purchase your merchandise from the event. 

You can find specialty event merchandise in two locations inside the park once the event starts. Emporium and Star Trader have the main Star Wars Nite merchandise. 

After you check in inside the park next to Star Traders, you can purchase your specialty merchandise in the registration room. You can purchase this right away, but Emporium puts out their merch a little later. 

If you are entering the park as a partygoer, there will not be a spot to pick up merchandise until 9:00, when the event starts, outside of that registration room. 

There were a few items to pick up that were available each night of the event and a few specialty jewelry items around the park on specific nights. 

The Season of the Force merchandise can be found online, at the World of Disney store, or around Disneyland Park during normal hours. 

Star Wars Nite Specific Merch

  • Sweatshirt
  • T-shirt
  • Pins
  • Cup
  • Die Cut Magnet
  • Darth Vader Ornament 

You can find the specialty jewelry at the Trunk Show at the Emporium, Main Street USA, on x night.

Disneyland After Dark Star Wars Nite 2024 Merch
Disneyland After Dark Star Wars Nite Event Merch 2024

Star Wars Nite Food 

This Special Food Only Available during the After Hours event. 

If there is one thing we travel for and make a massive priority, it is FOOOOD! 

We tried quite a few items on the menu, and here is our top must-eat and skip list. We will also share the entire Star Wars Nite and Season of the Force Food Offerings. There will be a star * on the others that people love as well. 

Thankfully there were some fan favorites that returned but they have an expanded array of themed foods during star wars night. 

Food to Get

Star Wars Season of The Force Breakfast Ronto Wrap

Galactic Grill Dark Nebula Salsa Verde Fries

This is a must get the pork is delicious and the flavors are wonderful. We found the waffle fries to be crispy and not soggy especially with all of the toppings and pork. 

Mobile Order Available 

Dark Nebula Salsa Verde Fries and Duel of the Sliders at Star Wars Nite

Docking Bay 7 get the Cold Brew Black Caf Coffee

It has chocolate coco puffs on top, and I’m not much of a chocolate girly, but this is just the right amount of flavor rations. It’s just too good, especially if you are a cold brew person.

Walk-in can be really quick, especially if mobile orders are pushed out. 

Mobile Order Available 

Cold Brew Black Caf Coffee in Galaxy's Edge Star Wars

The Famous Breakfast Ronto Wrap 

This breakfast wrap is a must-do in Disneyland Park. While not a Star Wars night-specific wrap, the breakfast wrap is a must on your next Disneyland trip. It is only served before 10:30 am, and then it switches to a lesser version of the Ronto wrap. Side note: that one is still yummy, but just not the same as the breakfast one. I HIGHLY suggest placing your order ahead of time and reserving your spot. We would have missed the cut-off if it hadn’t been for the mobile order before we arrived. I even ordered it on the plane on our way to the theme park. 

Mobile Order Available ;)

Breakfast Ronto Wrap Disneyland Galaxy's Edge

Skip List

Dual Sandwiches 

One is Spicy, and the other is Sweet. – We found them to be on the smaller side (even for sliders) and really dry. More sauce would have been really great, and the French fries were just bland, especially after having the Salsa Verde Fries 

Cookies and Cream Stuffed Churro 

Just get a regular churro or one of your favorite special churros the park offers. This was not great. The churros were cut weirdly, supper dried out and crunchy, and there wasn’t enough sauce.  

Full List of Food 

Specialty Snacks

Churro Carts Around

  • Cookies and Cream Stuffed Churro
  • Endor Forest Churro
  • Green Lightsaber Churro

Main Street USA

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor 

  • Galactic Princess Sundae * and Instagram worthy

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

  • Galaxy Macaron * although we could sub for the Toy Story Alien or the Raspberry Macaron at Jolly Holiday out any day. 
  • Pandan Croissant

Little Red Wagon

  • Abregado Space Debris Field
  • Watermelon-Mint Agua Fresca

Refreshment Corner

  • Pork Belly Pretzel
  • Spicy Firefly Chips
  • Watermelon & Habanero Lime Lemonade 


The Tropical Hideaway

  • Mango Pineapple DOLE Whip *


Stage Door Cafe

  • The Bracca Sub
  • Wookiee Funnel Cake *

New Orleans Square

Cafe Orleans 

  • Event Exclusive: Three Course Meal

Mint Julep Bar

  • Dagobah-bite Beignets

Royal Street Veranda

  • Splox Fritter Pop

Critter Country

Harbour Galley

  • Mos Eiskley Spaceport Cookies

Hungry Bear Restaurant

  • Lah’mu Burger
  • Polystarch Funnel Cake
  • Dagobah Sunset Slush with Glow Cube


Red Rose Tavern

  • Level 1313 Loaded Bowl *
  • Shili Fruit Blend and Sweet Grains

Star Wars Galaxy Edge

Docking Bay 7

  • Tattoine Sun Scortch Tri-Yip

Kat Saka’s Kettle 

  • Caramel Filled Eclair

Milk Stand

  • Blue Milk with Gorg Eggs

Oga’s Cantina

  • Batuu Sea Harvest with Craig Salt Sprinkle 
  • Blue Milk with Rum *
  • Rancor Teeth Flight


Alien Pizza Planet

  • Blue Noodle Salad *
  • Creamy Pea Pasta
  • Wookiee Whoopie Pie
  • Passion Fruit Limeade

Galactic Grill

  • Dark Nebula Salsa Verde Fries *
  • Duel of the Sliders
  • Wookiee Whoopie Pie * its cute if you are a Wookiee fan :) 
  • Dagobah Swamp Water
Fond farewell At Star Wars Nite

Grand Sendoff, aka NOT Fireworks?

You are probably thinking to yourself, FINALLY, she’s talking about the Fireworks the Grand Sendoff… 

No Fireworks! 

It was terrible. BUT I will give it to them. They have a fantastic PIXAR Fest Together Forever Fireworks show And a general admission Galaxy’s Edge Show for Season of the Force on select nights. 

There is also a great daytime parade. While not part of the Star Wars Nite after-hours event, if you are also in the park during general admission, these are great substitutes.  

BUT that’s the problem. There were no fireworks for the Star Wars Nite event in 2024, and as a special event ticket goer, that’s a massive hit on the value of the event. 

SO where did the Star Wars Nite fireworks go?

They went to the non-event night entertainment. Not only do you miss out on Disneyland’s normal Fireworks show and the brand new Season of the Force Fireworks by going to the Star Wars Nite event, but Star Wars Nite does not have fireworks. 

This was a massive disappointment for us during our visit. 

Fireworks are such an amazing portion of the show and it makes me so sad that they take away all fireworks for Nite time event people. Not only are you paying more money, you are limited on hours.

We heard they don’t have the fireworks because they are a part of the new Season of the Force Show. 

We still find value in the after-hours events, and we may not come back to the Star Wars Nite if a few things carry on to the future. 

Hopefully, we can look back and this, and it is a part of a Disney History Lesson. — Do Not take away fireworks at Disneyland during an After Hours Event.

P.S. People Love the Fireworks. 

So enough about fireworks, what is this grand send-off? 

The final battle announcement between the light side and dark side is projected on the castle.

This battle takes place through the park with signs to chose your side throughout the night. You can scan the QR code of the side you chose and fingers crossed your side is picked. 

Throughout the night, announcements are made for where the votes are; at 9:45 pm, 10:45 pm, 11:45 pm, and at 12:30 am, they announce the winners. 

We suggest skipping this altogether. 

Other Star Wars Nite Things to do

Don’t forget to head into the lobby of the Grand Californian for the Galactic Creating and Treats. You can see the Millennium Falcon in its beautiful chocolate form. This creation takes over 480 hours to complete. The Disney Pastry Team is something else when it comes to creating masterpieces both to look at and eat as well. 

Galactic Creation Season of The Force The Grand Californian Lobby
Galactic Treats at The Grand Californian Hotel during Season of the Force

Star Wars Nite Map

If there is one thing that is difficult to find online and crappy to print, it’s the Star Wars Nite Map or event guide map, I searched and searched for a good quality Star Wars Nite Map before we left, and I couldn’t find one to save my life. SO here is the front side of the Star Wars Nite Map and the backside of the Star Wars Nite Map to view and plan ahead of time. 

Star Wars Nite Map 2024
Star Wars Nite Map 2024

Overall thoughts on Disney After Dark Star Wars Nite

Disneyland’s After Dark event, Star Wars Nite, is a must-attend for all Star Wars fans. 

With its immersive and exclusive experiences, delicious food and drinks, and opportunities to meet your favorite characters, this event truly brings the galaxy far, far away to life. 

As we’ve explored in this article, the force is strong with Disneyland’s After Dark events, but Star Wars Nite takes it to a whole new level. 

So don’t miss out on this limited-time experience. May the force be with you as you embark on your journey to Disneyland’s Star Wars Nite. 

As Luke Skywalker once said, “It’s time for the Jedi to end,” but it’s never too late to join the fun at Disneyland’s After Dark events. 

Make sure to mark your calendars and purchase your tickets before they’re gone. 

The galaxy awaits you at Star Wars Nite!

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Star Wars Nite Costume

I am all for fun at these events, and dressing up is just part of it. For events like these, many people have a daytime outfit and then a more traditional costume or cosplay outfit for the actual event.

This year, I dressed in a Padme Amidala Costume. Next year, I’m thinking of a Chewy bound or General Grievous.

I found the entire Star Wars Nite costume on Amazon and made a few adjustments to it once it arrived for fit and comfortability.


Padame Amidala Costume

3D Printed Naboo Blaster

Star Wars Nite Costume

I would say there are two kinds of Star Wars Girls or well, three if you are a combination ;)

But I know some people just want to be cute and “bound” or dress similar to the theme without being them. If you are, I loved this Star Wars Shirt, and here are a few other ideas for outfits for Star Wars Nite.

Season of the Force Outfit Star Wars Outfit

Star Wars Crop Top

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