Oakland Escape Lounge Review 2024

Oakland Escape Lounge

In 2024, Amex changed some of the benefits for its lounges, but if you are an Amex Platinum Card holder, you can still access any Centurion or Escape lounge at any of the airports; the one we are reviewing today is the Oakland Escape Lounge.

​This is one of the most spendy credit cards in terms of annual fees, so you better take advantage of it every chance you get.

Our tax guy almost threw up when he was referencing our credit card annual fees. 

​Let’s dive into the Oakland Escape Lounge Review, and we will talk more about credit card details shortly. 

Where is the Oakland Escape Lounge Located

Oakland Escape Lounge Review

Ways to Access the Lounges

Front seating Oakland Escape Lounge

Where is the Oakland Escape Lounge Located

The Escape Lounge is located between gates 8 and 9 across from the Oak Grove Eatery in the Oakland International Airport. 

I actually really like this airport; it’s easy to navigate and has lots of options.

As you can see from the Oakland Airport Map, there are two Terminals.

Oakland International Airport Map Oakland Escape Lounge
Oakland International Airport Map

You will find the Oakland Escape Lounge in Terminal 1 for Gates 1-17.

This lounge seats roughly 100 people and requires you to check in with the front desk before entering.

At the front of the lounge, you will find the front desk lounge agent, who will either let you in right away or you need to wait. You will need to either put your name on the waitlist or you can access the list via the Amex app before you show up. More on the app shortly.

I like to check-in when I land to get a jump start on my wait time if there will be one.

To access the lounge, you must show a departing boarding pass for that day, your Amex Platinum Card or other qualifying thing, and your driver’s license or identification card. 

Amex Mobile App

You can do everything from this by accessing your membership benefits, pay your bill, manage your account.

To gain entry to the Oakland Escape Lounge, you can log into your Amex App, ensure you are on the Platinum Card once you log in, select Membership at the bottom, and scroll until you find Airport Lounge Access. 

Once you select Airport Lounge Access, you will automatically be redirected and shown airports nearby.

If your location services are turned off or you cannot see the Oakland Escape Lounge, select the magnifying tool in the corner and search for Oakland International Airport, and the Oakland Escape Lounge will show up.

Oakland Escape Lounge

Oakland Escape Lounge Review

Cereal Bar at Escape Lounge
Oakland Escape Lounge Bar

Complimentary Food and Drinks 

As an Amex Platinum Card holder, you get complimentary food and drinks in the lounge. That means no more Mcdonalds or weird airport foods that turn you stomach.

There is an ever-changing menu with fresh food, fruit, and desserts to enjoy during your lounge access time.

Overall, I love the food I’ve had there. It’s usually very unique but great food.

Another great perk for these lounges is the complimentary cocktail menu. There are complimentary wines and specialty drinks you can order as well.

Yup, free food and free drinks. Just tip your bartenders.

Coffee Machine Oakland Escape Lounge
Seating area in Oakland Escape Lounge

Coffee at Oakland Escape Lounge

Oakland-based coffee roaster RoastCo Coffee is served at this particular Oakland Escape Lounge. All coffee is roasted in an authentic cast iron roaster to bring out the naturally rich flavors.

I’m a no-room coffee drinker and found it very delicious.

Each escape lounge, including Oakland, has a gorgeous Coffee Machine you can use to brew your coffee of choice. Most lounges have a variety of flavorings you can add, depending on the season.

It’s very user-friendly and has both regular and decaf options.

Oakland Escape Lounge Hours

Open Daily from 5:00 am – 8:00 pm 
Breakfast Hours: Around 10 or 11 am

Afternoon Hours: After 3 or 4 pm

The best way to Get into Oakland Escape Lounge

The best way to get into the Oakland Escape Lounge is using the mobile app with my Amex Platinum Card, there are other ways to access the lounge as well, and those are listed below.

Going up to the Lounge Agent is great, and they are typically overwhelmed at check-in with people, so be kind to them. :)

Ways to Access the Lounges

Complimentary Access: With one of the following cards

  • American Express Platinum Card
  • Centurion Card
  • Reserve American Express Card
  • Reserve Business American Express Card
  • Reserve card members

Single-day pass: This can be an option for some lounges if you are adding a person to your reservation. Many of the lounges, especially the Centurion Lounge, don’t offer the option for a day pass unless the cardholder is buying extra passes for their friends or family during their visit.

If you want access to a lounge for a single day, you will have to go to a priority pass lounges or one of the other Oakland airport lounges. Oakland is unique in its verbiage since it only has one lounge, not “lounges.”

What is the Fee for American Express Platinum Card?

The Amex Platinum card has a hefty $675 annual fee… this year.. It started out a whole lot lower a few years back.

But I have the card and love it for travel so with that, there are a lot of special perks for travel and earning points.

I mainly use the Amex Platinum card for the Escape Lounge Brand and Centurion Lounge access during our travels. As a frequent flyer with and without my family, I often find myself at the airport wanting food or coffee; with my card, I can get what I need, hang out, and head to my gate for boarding.

After a coffee, food, and sometimes a cocktail at the airport, you spend $70+ and cannot find a spot to sit anyway.

With lounge access you get complimentary wifi, a spot to sit and charge your device, and free food and beverages (alcohol included). It makes the card completely worth it, and often, we will pay for my husband and daughter to join if we have a longer layover time.

They are an additional $75 at this point… mind you, they used to be free before all these updates this past year. It’s a bit of an adjustment, and we have some boundaries for spending on it.

If we are there for less than 2 hours we often do not find it worth it for all of us to go in, I will often go in for coffee and a quick bite to save some money. You are also allowed to take some items with you. They often have bagels, muffins, cookies, and other grab items if you are in a rush.

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