Knott’s Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration Events Guide 2024

BIG COOKIE Knott's Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration

Knott’s Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration kicks off the year with great themed food, character meet and greets, and so much more. Join us as we make our way through Knott’s Berry Farm Annual Peanuts Celebration.

So, if this is your first time, welcome; the annual Peanuts celebration takes place from mid-January until the end of February. We will discuss the other fantastic Knott’s Berry Farm events shortly, but when it comes to all things peanuts, Knott’s Berry Farm knows just how to celebrate. 

We will discuss all things Knott’s Peanuts Celebration, which consists of all our favorite Peanuts characters, Peanuts music, a Peanuts-inspired menu, and so much more. 

Discover the latest family-friendly shows, delicious eats, and comic-strip-inspired decor at the park by reading on! This event has been around for quite a few years, and now that our daughter is old enough to enjoy the park and the Peanuts gang, it is time to take her along to celebrate.

We have included all the necessary information in this guide to help you plan your upcoming visit. The event brings back many fond memories for us older folks who grew up reading and watching the adventures of the beloved PEANUTS characters, and the younger ones enjoy it just as much.

Knott’s Berry Farm PEANUTS Celebration 

Celebration Date and Hours

Knott’s Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration runs daily from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (hours subject to change); in the past, you could only catch these events on the weekend, and now they grace us with their presents every day of the week. This year, the event runs from January 27 – February 25, 2024.

While the park is open and celebrating each day, some event-specific activities, shows, and food are available only on the weekends. Show and event times vary; you will want to check the Knott’s Berry Farm App or website for updates and information about times.

We suggest arriving early to beat the crowds and to have a more seamless entry into the park. You can check out the full event guide here.

Knott’s Berry Farm Event Tickets

You will not need a specific event ticket for the Peanuts Celebration; for other events, you may have to purchase event tickets, but since all the fun happens during park hours, a regular theme park ticket or season pass is all you need.

We love purchasing tickets straight from the park, so we know they are guaranteed and covered on the off chance they close for weather. The only third-party discount Knott’s Berry Farm ticket platform we use is Undercover Tourist or Get Away Today.

You can purchase a dining card and theme park ticket bundle from the Knott’s Berry Farm website. Search for Knott’s Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration Bundle, and you can save around $70 with this bundle. 

Decor for Knott's Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration
Snoopy statue Knott's Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration

Peanuts Celebration Fun and Games

Attractions and Entertainment

You won’t see ride overlays for this celebration, but as you walk through the park, especially through Camp Snoopy, you will see lots of decorations and comic strips throughout the area. 

We always look forward to the return of fan-favorite shows and entertainment but get really excited for any new exhibit or live events. 

This year, we were thrilled to explore the one new addition.

There are lots of kiddie rides throughout the park for kids and thrill riders of all ages. 

Ghost Rider Knott's Berry Farm

NEW Franklin-Focused Exhibit

Located in Town Hall

In 1968, Charles M. Schulz introduced a new character named Franklin to the Peanuts gang. Charlie Brown met him at the beach, and the rest is history. You can now explore the fascinating story behind the creation of this iconic character at the new exhibit. Learn about Franklin’s significance in pop culture and history. You can also take a cool picture with Franklin and try tracing some of the amazing characters on the sketch pad table.

Franklin Museum Knott's Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration
Franklin Knott's Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration

Charlie Brown’s Trivia Challenge

Located in Bird Cage Theatre (select dates)

How well do you know the Peanuts Gang? Assemble your team for a fun-filled trivia game that’s perfect for the whole family! Our game show host has scoured the entire Peanuts universe for fun questions and eye-popping visual challenges, so no fact is too obscure. Get ready for a great time!

Peanuts Sketch School

Located in Bird Cage Theater (select dates)

The park provides a fun and interactive PEANUTS-themed activity where visitors can learn to draw their favorite characters, suitable for both children and adults. The PEANUTS Sketch School features a knowledgeable art instructor who will offer easy-to-follow instructions on creating a perfect PEANUTS masterpiece.

Pigpen’s Pigpen

Located in Ghost Town Livery Stables

This is our absolute favorite area, and we think it is one of the hidden gems of Knott’s Berry Farm; Pigpen’s Pig Pen is ADORABLE, and we happened to have baby piglets while we were there.

Tucked away you might walk right past it. Stop by the Livery Stable, where everyone’s favorite messy pals hang. Pigpen will join his favorite animal friends in a special PEANUTS Gang meetup and photo op. 

Peanuts Cowboy Jamboree

Located in Calico Park

Schroeder and Linus fully immerse themselves in the wild Western spirit as they don their cowboy hats and boots for the PEANUTS Cowboy Jamboree, held in the rustic Calico Park. The two young cowboys are eager to test the skills of the park’s visitors with some of the rootinest, tootinest games the Wild West has to offer. From horseshoe throwing to lassoing and more, Schroeder and Linus are ready to take on all challengers and show off their cowboy prowess.

James Street Trio

Located in Calico Park (select dates)

Head on over to Calico Park to enjoy the smooth sounds of our Vince Guaraldi Trio Tribute. The live music will transport you to the hometown of the PEANUTS Gang.

It’s Your Life, Charlie Brown

Located in Calico Park (select dates)

Charlie Brown gets the surprise of his life on the game show  “It’s Your Life!” There’s music, fun, and surprise guests, including The World’s Most Famous Beagle, SNOOPY!

Snoopy’s Legendary Rooftop Concert

Calico Mine Stage (select dates)

Get ready to groove to some amazing tunes at a concert that is going to be unforgettable! The PEANUTS Gang has partnered with the family-friendly indie band for this musical event. The Jelly of the Month Club is an exciting performance that will have you dancing in the park. Enjoy fun times with your friends – it doesn’t get any better than this!

Special Food Items at Knott’s Peanut Celebration

There are 13 locations throughout the park where you can pick up a few new foods and themed food. 

This year’s peanuts-inspired menu items theme is “Great Mac and Cheese” 

There is a dining and tasting card available for PEANUTS Celebration 2024. The tasting card is $45 (plus tax) and allows you to have six tastes. Along with the tasting card, you will get a PEANUTS character straw. The card can be purchased at dining locations. The majority of the dishes available for tasting are priced between $10 to $15. If you are interested in trying a variety of mac and cheese dishes, this card can help you save money. We will indicate with a “TC” next to the items that are a part of the Tasting Card (TC).

Just a side note: The tasting card portions are full but do not come with any side dishes.

Please keep in mind there are no substitutions or special requests when it comes to the special event food items.

Our favorite that we kept going back for more

BIG COOKIE Knott's Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration
  • Linus’ Mac and Cheese Bites over French Fries, served with Spicy Aioli
  • Jose Peterson’s Swedish Meatballs on top of Mac and Cheese and French Fries 
  • Charlie Brown 10″ Burrito with Mac and Cheese, Ground Beef, and Queso
  • Gourmet Root Beer Big Cookie
  • Snickerdoodle Cookiewich with Vanilla Soft Serve and Rolled in Graham Cracker Crumbs – One is good for 2+ people

Ghost Town Bakery

  • Franklin’s Mac and Cheesy Noodle Cheddar and Broccoli Soup 
  • Woodstock’s Cheesecake Dessert
  • Gourmet Root Beer Big Cookie
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Tart – contains nuts
  • Lemon Raspberry Tart
  • Charlie Brownie – may contain nuts
  • PEANUTS Themed Cupcakes
  • PEANUTS Themed Cookies  

Sutter’s Grill

  • Schroeder’s Fluffy Breakfast Mac and Cheese Pancake served with a side of Bacon and Maple Syrup TC

Sutter’s Funnel Cake

  • Lucy Van Pelt’s Mac and Cheese Waffle Cone topped with Pulled Pork 
  • Cornbread Funnel Cake with Mac and Cheese and Pulled Pork with a BBQ Sauce Drizzle   

Wilderness Dogs and Drinks

  • SNOOPY’S™ Mac and Cheeseburger with Burger Sauce TC

Gourmet Churro Factory

  • Cinnamon Sugar Churro stuffed with Jelly topped with a Peanut Butter Drizzle and Bacon Bits   

Chow House Mix-It-Up

  • Snickerdoodle Cookiewich with Vanilla Soft Serve and rolled in Graham Cracker Crumbs   

Log Ride Funnel 

  • Fully Loaded Funnel Cake topped with Cheesecake Batter and Mac Gummies   


  • Linus’ Mac and Cheese Bites over French Fries, served with a Spicy Aioli TC

Charleston Circle Coffee

  • Gourmet Root Beer Big Cookie
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Tart – contains nuts  

Prop Shop Pizzeria

  • Marcie’s Alfredo Pasta Pinwheel TC
  • Gourmet Root Beer Big Cookie
  • Lemon Raspberry Tart  

Boardwalk BBQ

Located in Boardwalk

  • Pigpen’s Ham and Mac and Cheese Loaf TC
  • Charlie Brownie – may contain nuts•6” Sweet Potato Pie  

Papas Mexicanas

Located in Fiesta Village

  • Jose Peterson’s Swedish Meatball on top of  Mac and Cheese and French Fries TC

Casa California Restaurante

Located in Fiesta Village

  • Charlie Brown’s 10″ Burrito with Mac and Cheese,  Ground Beef, and Queso 

Farm Bakery

  • Gourmet Root Beer Big Cookie
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Tart – contains nuts
  • Lemon Raspberry Tart
  • Charlie Brownie – may contain nuts
  • PEANUTS Themed Cupcakes
  • PEANUTS Themed Cookies 

Calico Saloon 21+

Knott’s Berry Farm also hosts a few great specialty cocktails that you can find at Calico Saloon. Our favorite is the boysenberry mimosa during the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival. Second up is the Boysenberry Beery, not a specialty drink but it is delicious and well-themed to the park. There are two drinks for the Knott’s Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration, and I must admit the hard root beer was absolutely delightful. 

  • Root Beer Mule
  • Hard Root Beer

Peanuts Celebration Characters

During the Knott’s Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration, you can find multiple characters throughout the park at various meet and greet locations as well as comic strip cutout photo ops for all the characters in Charles M. Schulz. 

There is a lot of Peanuts Celebration decor throughout Knott’s Berry Farm and tons of spots for photo opportunities. 

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below. If you are looking to visit Knott’s PEANUTS Celebration or have any questions about Knott’s Berry Farm Peanuts Celebration.

Upcoming Knott’s Berry Farm Events in 2024

Knott’s Berry Farm has multiple events throughout the year in addition to the Peanuts Celebration. If you want to learn more about each event, head to the full Knott’s Berry Farm Events Guide.

Knott’s Peanuts Celebration

January 27th – February 25th

Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

March 8th – April 7th (Daily) & April 13 – April 28 (Sat, Sun)

Knott’s Summer Nights

June 14th – September 2nd

Knott’s Scary Farm

September 19th – November 2nd

Knott’s Spooky Farm

September 26th – October 31st (Daytime Thur – Sun)

Knott’s Merry Farm

November 22nd – January 3rd

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