Hanging Witch Hats DIY

Hanging Witch Hats DIY

The Hanging Witch Hats DIY is super easy and relatively cheap to accomplish.

Clear push pins
Fishing line

We ordered the witch hats from Amazon and they came in a 12 pack. We’ve had them for three Halloweens now and only lost two along the way.

They can easily stack and take up little storage once Halloween is over.

The fishing line and clear push pins you might already have around the house and if you order from amazon you will get hundreds of feet of line and over 200 clear push pins.

That is WAY more than you need but with it being so cheap it’s worth it to have it as extras for anything else crafty.

Pull the witch hats out of the bag and let them sit. They will be a little wrinkled from the packaging, you can steam them if you would like.

Once the hats are up and hanging you won’t really notice the wrinkles.

Cut 12 at 4-5ft each of fishing line and set them aside

Pull out 12 clear pins and set them aside

Take a witch hat and a push pin and make a small hole at the top of the witch hat with the push pins.

You do not need to make it any larger than the initial push-through of the pin, since the fishing line is thin.

If you make the hole too big you will need to make the knot on the fishing line larger so that it doesn’t pull through.

Hanging Witch Hats DIY

Feed the fishing line through the hole you just made with the push pins and the top of the witch hat.

Grab the end of the fishing line that is on the outside of the hat and a push pin. Then tie a knot around the neck of the pin.

We double knotted the fishing line because it seemed to easily untie when we used one tie.

Push pin for Hanging Witch Hats DIY

Tie a loop knot (one that can easily be undone) on the inside of the witch hat.

You will want to make it loose to adjust where the knot sits on the inside of the hat. Once you pin the hat to the ceiling you can adjust the knot to make alternate lengths.

If you are you going to add tea lights to your DIY witch hats you can do that at any time.

We added ours a year later since I didn’t want to climb back up and do it the same year.

When you were cutting your string for your witch hats we had you cut them longer than needed.

With the slip knot inside the witch hat that you used to adjust the length of the hat you will use the excess string to tie the tea light.

We found it easiest to open the back of the tea light where you would swap out a battery to hold the fishing sting.

Hanging Witch Hats DIY
Hanging Witch Hats DIY

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