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Reno Escape Lounge - Reno Tahoe Airport Centurion Lounge

We’re back with another Escape Lounge Review, but this time, it’s for our hometown Reno Escape Lounge. 

Why it’s taken us a whole 4 years to review this lounge, I cannot begin to tell you.

I often find myself skipping important information because I believe everyone already knows this. BUT if you are an Amex Platinum Card Holder you already know about the amazing complimentary access you get with your card. 

Reno Escape Lounge Food

What is an Escape Lounge?

If you are new to The Escape Lounge Brand, it is a Centurion Studios Partner often found in smaller airports. Away from the bustle of the airport, they often have a great view, free entry (with credit card), full food selection, free wifi, and complimentary drinks.

Thankfully, Reno made the cut for smaller airports, and the Reno Escape Lounge opened in 2017. Overall, we LOVE the Escape Lounge Reno often. The Reno airport escape lounge is not overly busy, and the entire airport as a whole is pretty low-key.

As the only airport lounges in the Reno-Tahoe Airport, this is the best option for a full bar, coffee, and complimentary food before your flight. 

Complimentary Coffee at the Reno Escape Lounge
Escape Lounge Food in Reno Nevada

Where is the Reno Escape Lounge Located

The Reno Escape Lounge location is right past the security checkpoint on the second floor, in the High Mountain Marketplace between C & B Concourse. In the Marketplace area, you will find McDonald’s, Peet’s Coffee, Timber Ridge, and the Restaurant and Bar. 

The Concourses are where the airline gates are, and it takes roughly 5-10 minutes to walk to them from the High Mountain Marketplace. 

Concourse B heads to Gate B with Delta, Jetblue, Spirit, and South West, and  C Concourse heads to Gate C with Alaska, Allegiant, American, Sun Country, United, and Volaris. 

This lounge seats roughly 30 people and requires you to check in with the front desk before entering. At the front of the lounge, you will find the front desk lounge agent. You will need to either put your name on the list or access the list via the Amex app (more on the app shortly). 

To access the lounge, you must show your departing boarding pass for that day, your Amex platinum card, and your driver’s license or identification card. 

Reno Escape Lounge Food and Orange Juice
Coffee and Champagne at the Reno Escape Lounge at the Reno Tahoe Airport

Complimentary Food and Drinks 

There is an ever-changing menu with fresh food and desserts to enjoy during your lounge access. 

Another great perk when it comes to these lounges is the complimentary cocktail menu.

Yup, free food and free drinks. Just tip your bartenders. There are complimentary wines and specialty drinks you can order.

The food in this particular escape lounge has food from our local chefs, chef Colin Smith of Roundabout Grill. 

Reno Escape Lounge Coffee and Breakfast area
Reno Tahoe Airport Reno Escape Lounge Breakfast

Other Amenities to enjoy in the Reno Escape Lounge

Friendly Staff, both the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority and the Lounge Agent staff members are amazing

Comfortable lounge chairs and tables.

High-speed Wi-Fi and plenty of power outlets to charge your phone or devices. 

Overall, the Escape Lounge in Reno is fine. Although, I would say this is my least favorite location for Escape Lounges. The food portions are small, and there is not a lot of variety. Often, the bread section is very limited, with a single muffin style.

Keeping the airport size and flight departures and arrivals in mind, I understand that this airport is small, and I understand why the meal selection is limited.

What this location does not lack is the yummy coffee, great staff, and complimentary drinks.

Best way to Get into Reno Escape Lounge

To gain entry to the Reno Escape Lounge, you can log into your Amex App, make sure you are on the Platinum Card, select Membership at the bottom, and scroll until you find Airport Lounge Access. 

Once you select Airport Lounge Access, you will automatically be redirected and shown airports nearby. If your location services are turned off or you cannot see the Reno Escape Lounge select the magnifying tool in the corner and search for Reno/Tahoe International Airport and the Reno Escape Lounge will show up.

Reno Escape Lounge Hours

Open Daily from 4:30 am – 8:00 pm 
Breakfast Hours: Served until 10:30 am

Afternoon Hours: Switched out after 10:30 am until closing.

Ways to Access the Lounges

Complimentary Access: With one of the following cards, you can access the Reno Escape Lounge

As one of American Express Platinum Card Members, we gain access through our Amex Platinum Card. 

  • American Express Platinum Card
  • Centurion Card
  • Reserve business American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card Members
  • Reserve American Express Card
Amex Platinum Card Escape Lounge Access

Single-day pass: This can be an option for some lounges if you are adding a person to your reservation. Many lounges, especially the Centurion Lounge, don’t offer the option for a day pass unless the cardholder is buying extra passes for their friends or family during their visit.

If you are looking for access to a lounge for a single day, you will have to go to a priority pass lounge; there is no other Reno Airport lounge. 

Cards That give you access to the Reno Escape Lounge

American Express Platinum Card, Centurion, and Delta SkyMiles@ Reserve Card Card Members at Escape Lounges – The Centurion® Studio Partner

Amex card link

This is my offer currently available for friends, and family through the referral link. I earn points, not a commission or dollar value, on something like this.

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