2024 Butterbeer Guide and Butterbeer Flight Guide

Drinking frozen butterbeer at Universal Studios Hollywood Butterbeer Flight

I was doing my nightly scroll on the social and stumbled upon this video of a Butterbeer Flight in London at the Warner Brothers Tour. I immediately wanted it! 

While I am still trying to plan that trip, there are a lot of things I want to do in London in addition to this Butterbeer Flight. But I don’t have $2,000 and 15 hours at this current moment to just jump the Country to get this Butterber Flight. 

However, I do have Universal Studios Hollywood nearby, and they have all the items needed for a Butterbeer Flight.

If you are a Harry Potter Fan, add this to your next visit to Universal Studios Hollywood. If this is your first time, do something completely unique and different on your first Universal Studios Hollywood trip. 

We’ll help you create your own Butterbeer Flight and share all the various types of Butterbeer available in the park so that you can enjoy them, too. Flight or not, our guide will cover the different forms of “regular Butterbeer” that you can get at the theme park and other Butterbeer treats. 

Butterbeer Flight with Butterbeer Fudge, Butterbeer Ice Cream and Frozen Butterbeer

Creating your Own Butterbeer Flight in Universal 

Before we dive into the types, I want to explain the domino in this scenario and what sparked the idea of a Butterbeer Flight. This particular version I saw had a delicious-looking cupcake, a Butterbeer drink, and the infamous Butterbeer ice cream.

You can find each version of the butterbeer inside the park, and now, with the opening of the new Ice cream shop Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream inside Honeydukes, your options are unlimited.

Right now, for a short time during this Butterbeer season, you can pick up a Butterbeer Ice Lolly, perfect for your butterbeer flight. They extended the dates recently, and I’m so excited to try one of these on my next trip. 

Unfortunately, though, Universal Studios Hollywood doesn’t have that cupcake. While I will continue to suggest that to the Universal team, I settled on a very delicious fudge in its place. I will admit I brought this one home for us to enjoy when I got home, and I’m so glad I did that. But…

This fudge… eat one in the park and get one to go because it’s AMAZING!

Thankfully, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is currently celebrating Butterbeer Season, so there is extra focus, but these items are a magical treat that stays throughout the year. 

I will note quickly that for a non-butterbeer treat, there are many options inside Florean Fortescue’s or Honeydukes. You can find other Harry Potter treats like Witch Hats, Giant Pink Cupcakes, Caramel Apples, multiple fudge flavors, and more. 

Now, back to this Butterbeer Flight Creation. 

Butterbeer Flight with Butterbeer Fudge, Butterbeer Ice Cream and Frozen Butterbeer Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Type of Butterbeer at Harry Potter World

There are three forms of Butterbeer when it comes to drinking it, and I would say three forms when it comes to eating it. Seasonal switchouts increase this number, but thankfully, for standard purposes, you have some options.

Original Butterbeer

If you are looking for a butterbeer drink, this is it. This classic cold drink is served with a frothy topping, offering a delightful blend of butterscotch cream soda flavors. It’s the perfect refreshment for a hot day of exploring the parks. This is not one of the alcoholic drinks in the area. You will need to pick up a brew or mead if you are looking for that. Although a vanilla vodka topper might be just what it needs 😉 

Frozen Butterbeer

Frozen Butterbeer Universal Studios Hollywood Butterbeer Flight

For a cooler twist on the classic, opt for the frozen version, served in a frosty mug with a creamy foam topping. It’s like a magical slushie that’s sure to cool you down on even the warmest days. This is probably the best way to order Butterbeer; it’s the most refreshing option, in my opinion. 

Hot Butterbeer

On those cooler days or nights, warm things up a little and opt for the hot version of the traditional drink. Its comforting warmth and rich flavor make it the perfect choice for chilly days, whether you’re sipping it for the fireworks show or exploring the snow-covered streets of Hogsmeade.

Non-Dairy Butterbeer

Just as it sounds, Butterbeer without cream or milk is a vegan offering at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Same great butterscotch syrup flavor minus the dairy.

Butterbeer Ice Cream

Butterbeer Ice Cream Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Shop Universal Studios Hollywood

Indulge your sweet tooth with Butterbeer-flavored ice cream, available in a crispy waffle cone, cup, or even a souvenir glass. The soft serve is a creamy treat that’s hard to resist. There are over 10 flavors of ice cream to pick from at the new ice cream shop. The Butterbeer has the perfect balance of vanilla and butterbeer flavoring. The serving size is on the larger size, and the souvenir cup is sturdy and has a removable base. 

Butterbeer Fudge

Butterbeer Fudge at Universal Studios Hollywood Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Treat yourself to a piece of Butterbeer fudge, a rich and flavorful confection that captures the essence of this beloved beverage in every bite. With a perfect balance of vanilla shortbread, butterscotch, and marshmallow sweetness. 

Butterbeer Potted Cream

This treat is a Butterbeer pudding with a creamy custard. Many people have said it seems to be missing something flavor-wise, but overall, it has just a little bit of butterscotch flavoring. 

Butterbeer Treats

From cupcakes to cookies, there is a range of Butterbeer-inspired treats to satisfy your cravings and sweeten your visit to the Wizarding World throughout the year. Not all the treats are offered all year long. Currently, there is a Butterbeer Ice Lolly for a limited time. 

Butterbeer in Order of Overall Butterbeer Flavor and Sweetness

Butterbeer Fudge – Really sweet
Hot Butterbeer
Original Butterbeer 
Frozen Butterbeer – Least Butterbeer flavor in drink form.
Butterbeer Ice Cream
Butterbeer Potted Cream – Not very sweet, very little flavor

​Now that we have a good idea of what Butterbeer options are available and how they rank on the sweetness scale let’s discuss combining them to make your own Butterbeer flight.

Create Your Own Butterbeer Flight

Butterbeer Flight Universal Studios Hollywood

We like to take something from the top of the list, something from the middle, depending on the season, and then something from the bottom of the list. 
This last time, we picked the Butterbeer Fudge, Frozen Butterbeer, and Butterbeer Ice Cream for our flight. 

Depending on what is out during our visit, we will switch things up with the Butterbeer Ice Lolly or another sweet treat they have at the moment. 

Now that we have covered the basic Butterbeer Flight, we will discuss a few other special variations and where to pick up your Butterbeer Flight items. 

Special Variations of Butterbeer for The Butterbeer Flight

If you are looking for special variations, you will have to achieve some at home and some you can enjoy in the park. Unique alcoholic beverages are a little limited in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so when it comes to Alcoholic Butterbeer, you will have to wait for a special time or whip this up in the comfort of your own home. 

Alcoholic Butterbeer

Adult witches and wizards can enjoy Butterbeer with a grown-up twist. You can add vodka, rum, or whiskey. But this one might be one you have to achieve at home. Bring a reusable water bottle from home and bring your Wizarding World of Harry Potter Butterbeer home with you. Or whip up one of the many recipes available online. 

Butterbeer Seasonal Offerings

Now for the ones who are in the park year-round or during special occasions. Throughout the year, keep an eye out for special seasonal variations of Butterbeer, such as Butterbeer-infused desserts, available for a limited time only, or even hot chocolate with a butterbeer twist. 

Where to Find Butterbeer – A Breakdown of Where to Find Butterbeer at Universal Studios Hollywood Dining Locations

Butterbeer can be found at various locations throughout the Wizarding World in Universal Studios Hollywood, including the Three Broomsticks Inn and The Hog’s Head Pub. Each venue offers its own unique ambiance, allowing you to enjoy your Butterbeer in the magical surroundings of Harry Potter’s world.

  • Three Broom Sticks
    • Regular Butterbeer
    • Frozen Butterbeer
    • Hot Butterbeer
    • Butterbeer in Stein or Metail Butterbeer Stein
    • Non-Dairy Butterbeer
    • Butterbeer Ice Cream
    • Butterbeer Potted Cream
  • The Hog’s Head Pub
    • Regular Butterbeer
    • Frozen Butterbeer
    • Hot Butterbeer
  • Butterbeer Cart
    • Regular Butterbeer
    • Frozen Butterbeer
  • Honeydukes + Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream
    • Butterbeer Ice Cream
    • Butterbeer Fudge

In Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, you can find Butterbeer in Diagon Alley at the Leaky Cauldron, the Hopping Pot, and The Fountain of Fair Fortune, as well as the same list above. You can also enjoy the Hogwarts Express in Florida as well and for a potter head this is a FABULOUS experience! 

Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Shop

Enjoying The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with Your Butterbeer Flight

Drinking frozen butterbeer at Universal Studios Hollywood Butterbeer Flight

Step into the enchanting world of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, where the magic of J.K. Rowling’s beloved books materializes into reality. As you wander through Hogsmeade’s picturesque streets or marvel at Hogwarts Castle’s beauty, one thing is certain: you’re embarking on a magical journey like no other. 

Amidst the awe-inspiring sights and sounds, an iconic delight awaits Butterbeer. This cherished beverage immortalized within the pages of Rowling’s novels has transcended fiction to become a tangible treat for fans of all ages.

The Origin of Butterbeer

Butterbeer, a favorite drink among Hogwarts students in the Harry Potter books, became a real treat at Universal Studios Hollywood in California. Fans eagerly anticipated trying this magical drink, and when it finally arrived, they fell in love with its butterscotch taste, creamy foam, and hints of toffee nut. Butterbeer quickly became a must-have for visitors, adding to the enchantment of the Wizarding World. Its journey from fiction to reality shows just how much people adore the magical world created by J.K. Rowling.

Souvenirs and Collectibles

Don’t forget to take home a souvenir of your Butterbeer experience. Whether it’s a collectible silver stein, a souvenir cup adorned with your favorite Hogwarts house, or a festive Butterbeer mug, these items make for cherished mementos of your visit to the Wizarding World.

  • Metal Stein
  • Stein
  • Souvenir Ice Cream Cup 

Tips for Butterbeer First-Timers 

For first-timers venturing into the delightful world of Butterbeer, there are a few handy tips to ensure an unforgettable experience. 

Begin your journey with the classic cold version of Butterbeer, as it offers the authentic taste that has enchanted Harry Potter fans worldwide. 

However, don’t hesitate to explore other variations based on your preferences; the frozen version, especially during warmer months, provides a refreshing twist that many find irresistible. 

Additionally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try the hot Butterbeer on cooler days, which offers a comforting warmth reminiscent of cozy evenings in the wizarding world. 

To make your experience even more memorable, consider purchasing a souvenir glass or mug adorned with iconic Harry Potter designs. Not only does this add a charming touch to your Butterbeer indulgence, but it also serves as a keepsake to cherish long after your visit to the Wizarding World. As always take a picture for social media to share your experience with others. 

Lastly, embrace the magic and savor every sip of Butterbeer as you immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Hogwarts Castle

Wraping up Butterbeer and Creating Your Own Butterbeer Flight

As you embark on the delightful adventure of creating your own Butterbeer flight at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, remember that Butterbeer is more than just a beverage—it’s a magical experience that brings the beloved world of Harry Potter to life. 

Whether you’re basking in the sunshine while sipping a cold Butterbeer or snuggled up by the fireside with a hot mug, each sip promises to transport you to the enchanting halls of Hogwarts. So, don’t miss your chance to plan a visit to Universal Orlando Resort or Universal Studios Hollywood, where you can immerse yourself in the wonder of Butterbeer and embark on a journey that’s truly spellbinding. 

Experience the joy of crafting your very own Butterbeer flight, sampling each delightful variation as you explore the Wizarding World’s charm and whimsy. 

With every taste, let the magic of Butterbeer envelop you in an enchanting embrace, creating memories to cherish long after your Butterbeer flight adventure. So, gather your friends and family, and prepare to elevate your visit to Universal Studios to new heights with the ultimate Butterbeer flight experience.

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